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Survey Reveals Almost Half Of Americans Are Not Changing Their Underwear Every Day

To be honest, I never really think about my daily hygiene routine, and I don't really talk to others about it. It's sort of just assumed that we all shower at least once a day, usually in the morning, brush our teeth twice a day, put on some deodorant, wash our hands after going to the bathroom — am I missing anything?

Well, apparently we don't all follow the same routine when it comes to getting dressed, because not everyone's changing their underwear everyday.

Underwear company Tommy John conducted a hygiene study.

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They wanted to know what people's underwear hygiene habits are, which is definitely something we don't talk about.

They surveyed 1,000 Americans, and their results are honestly pretty shocking.

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While of their respondents revealed that they do change their underwear everyday and wash them after wearing, just under half revealed that they certainly do not change their underwear everyday.


A whopping 13% admitted to wearing the exact same pair for a week or longer!


If this is you, please sound off below.

Their savage survey didn't end there, because they also revealed exact WHO these offenders are.

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They found that men are two and a half times more likely to wear their underwear all week looooooong.

Tommy John is urging people to change their underwear on a daily basis, and to even own up to 14 pairs so you have one to cover you for two weeks.

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