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Blake Lively Gifted Ryan Reynolds A Painting Full Of His Childhood Memories

Who isn't obsessed with Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds? IDK, crazy people— that's who.

Well, thankfully for those of us who know and respect our PARENTS B and R, they just gave us another amazing moment to gawk at.

We all know these two totally love each other and are constantly making themselves (and us ) laugh.

But what we don't see as much is their ROMANTIC AND SENTIMENTAL SIDE.

But when we do see their love, oh boy— it's magical! An example of this love is in this picture shared on Ryna's Insta:

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Blake had it commissioned for her hubby by artist Danny Galieote. The oil painting features many of Ryan's cherished childhood memories composed into one singular image.

"My first job was delivering newspapers for the Vancouver Sun. The house in the painting is my childhood home. My brothers and I spent years trying to kill each other on that lawn."

Instagram | @vancityryan

"There are a lot of Easter eggs in the painting, including my idol, John Candy on the front page of the newspaper," Ryan explained.

"This piece of art is the greatest present my wife has ever given me," Ryan gushed.

Instagram | @vancityryan

"If there’s ever a fire, I’m grabbing this first. I’ll come back for Blake."

Oh, you two!