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People Are Comparing Keanu Reeves To Jesus For Seemingly Turning Water Into Wine

It seems like when it comes to Keanu Reeves, there's no such thing as bad news. Whether he's donating money to charity in secret, sacrificing his own wages on projects to make sure everyone is paid fairly, or taking the time out of his day to autograph fan's signs on the streets, Keanu is truly the most deserving Internet Boyfriend of all time.

A Twitter user recently shared these pictures that seem to imply Keanu might be a little bit... more than just a nice guy.

The shots make it seem like Keanu has a bottle of water, but a glass of wine. Hmm, who else do we know that could turn water into wine?

Some people were happy to make it a little bit clearer.

To be fair, Keanu doesn't not look like most modern-day depictions of Jesus. It's not the furthest reach of a comparison the Internet has ever made.

Some people took offense to the premise of the original question.

It's pretty easy to "explain this one, atheists" when it's probably just a case of Keanu ordering water AND wine. But that doesn't mean we can't have a little fun.


There is a whole other explanation that we didn't even consider. If you ask Keanu for an autograph, and he offers you a choice between a red or a blue pill, you know what to do.