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Starbucks Has A New Matte Black Studded Tumbler And We’re Like ‘Witch PLEASE’

Though the color-changing and rainbow decorated Starbucks cups are beautiful, they really send some mixed messages. Like, yeah, I'm a happy-go-lucky human anxiously awaiting the release of Taylor Swift's Lover, but not at 7:30 AM when I'm sipping on my first coffee of the day.

Third coffee me at 10 AM is a 'Smol Bean' in a soft pink sweater who wants to get another cat. First coffee me wants absolute silence while I drink the boiled blood of every man who has ever wronged me. We need coffee cups for both moods. You get it.

Thankfully, Starbucks has us covered.

Reddit | flwerp0wer

A Reddit user recently discovered that Starbucks has released a new line of coffee tumblers that are matte black and studded, matching our cold dead hearts perfectly.

A part from the fact that it speaks to the little early 2000's goth in all of us, the matte finish makes it look super aesthetically pleasing and professional.

This cup is PERFECT for fall—especially during Halloween.

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People are already flocking the photos of this new creation with comments like "I’ve never needed a cup more than I need this one."

It screams "I'm an adult."

It screams "Stop texting me Chad, I've moved on."

It screams.

Loudly. Into the void.

Starbucks really did that. They did that for us.

Reddit | flwerp0wer

The new tumbler is part of the Starbucks Fall Collection that will be available on August 27th, the same day that the coveted PSL arrives back in stores.

Grab a matte black studded tumbler, put on Lizzo's "Truth Hurts" and become that witch friend with thirty kittens who lives in the deep dark crevasses of the mountains and casts hexes on Republicans.

Or, you know, drink your morning coffee out of it.

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