Mom Takes A Lick From An Ice Cream Cone Not Knowing Her Daughter 'Wiped Her Butt' On It

One of the perks about being a parent of toddlers is that whenever they get something delicious and tasty, you get totally share in the love. Well, this is great for some parents. For others... not so much.

Snack time for kids also means snack time for mom.

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There's nothing like telling your kids that there's a sharing tax when they're having things you truly want.

When the going gets rough being a parent, you can always remember you make the rules.

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Stealing some of your kid's food and snacks is just the silver lining when you have to deal with kids being disobedient.

However, sometimes, we just can't trust our kids.

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While we want to steal their snacks, there are those moments when you should think twice about taking something they've touched.

Mom Sidney Anderson, who runs the Facebook page, Someone Hold My Beer, shared the story of why parents should sometimes think twice.

Facebook l Someone hold my beer.

Sidney shared on her page that she had gotten her daughter Blakey an ice cream cone from McDonald's — the one time the machine was working.

Her daughter walked into the living room with a half-eaten ice cream cone.

Facebook l Someone hold my beer.

"I know all you moms have been there. We as moms pretty much live off of the food our kids don’t eat so I licked it before it dripped. I notice she is standing there looking at me like this (emoji with a straight mouth)."

Obviously, Sidney began freaking out.

Facebook l Someone hold my beer.

"I ask her: 'what’s wrong?' And she says: 'Is it okay?!'”

Things were tense.

Facebook l Someone hold my beer.

"At this point I’m scared b/c I don’t know what just happened. I think maybe she dropped it in her room and was scared to say. We stand there looking at each other and the ice cream cone."

Anderson couldn't have prepared herself for what came next.

Facebook l Someone hold my beer.

"And this fool says: 'I accidentally wiped my butt with it.'"

She was obviously grossed out and shocked.

"I ask this child 'How do you accidentally wipe your butt with an ice cream and WHY did you give it to me to eat????'”

Of course, any mom would be outraged.

Blakey had a solid explanation for what went wrong.

"She looks me dead in my face and says 'I used the wrong hand to wipe but it was just pee mommy!!'”

It just goes to show you, moms, never trust your kids!

Let this be a lesson before to all you moms. Don't lick your kid's cone unless it's been in your sight the whole time.

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