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Every Mom Needs To Try Kristen Bell's 'Marble Jar' Hack With Their Kids

Many celebrity parents have been using their fame and fortune to make everyday people's lives a little easier. For example, may celeb parents love to share their hacks, or tips and tricks with fans.

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard are two parents who are looking to make life a little easier on other parents around the world.

The couple recently announced their new baby line, Hello Bello. These natural baby products can be found at Walmart, so start shopping ASAP!

Along with their product line, Kristen and Dax rolled out a Hello Bello website to inform customers and parents about all their products.

While every single product is listed on their website for parents to read up on, Kristen and Dax also use their website to share parenting hacks and tips.

Kristen is honest about how much of a struggle raising two kids can be.

When one kid is behaving, the other is throwing a tantrum. When one kid is listening, the other is trying to sway them to cause trouble.

Sometimes, moms and dads feel defeated.

Trying to get your kids to behave and listen can be pretty hard. Luckily, Kristen and Dax have some parenting hacks they use every day that they don't mind sharing.

The most interesting one happens to involve marbles.

Dax told The Bump that Kristen came up with a system to use with their kids that has proven to be highly effective.

Kristen uses marbles as a "positive reinforcement" system.

“One of Kristen’s really good hacks that I had little faith in is marbles as a reward system. It’s a great way to focus on positive reinforcement,” said Dax.

How to do it? Easy, you just need marbles and a jar.

Every time your kid listens well, helps around the house, or does something just positive and good — you add a marble to their jar.

Once their jar is full, you let them pick a prize out from a "mystery box" at home.

You can fill the mystery box up with any prizes and treats you like and, it will give kids an incentive to behave.

Kristen says that it's worked wonders in their family.

“What shocked me is there’s less interest in the mystery box reward system as there is in just filling the jar...Accumulating marbles has become such a sign of pride, that they’ve honestly forgotten to cash in their marbles for a prize," she said

If you have kids who need a bit of a push, this seems like the perfect way to do it.

You can get an inexpensive jar and marbles from any local store. Try it out for yourself and see how quickly your kids change their ways.

Who knew that marbles were the secret to perfectly-behaved kids?


Thanks for the parenting hack, Kristen and Dax!