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These Flower Pot Candy Jars Are The Cutest Halloween DIY Project For Your Home

Unless you live under a rock like Patrick Star from Spongebob Squarepants, then you've noticed that we've all caught the Halloween bug a liiiittttllleeee early. Stores are slowly starting to stock their shelves with the cutest Halloween goodies, but many of us are just window shopping — the prices can be outrageous for seasonal decor!

We're coming at you with this super cute Halloween candy jar DIY that's festive, inexpensive, and you may just have these supplies lying around your home already!

These super cute Halloween-inspired candy jars are seriously so easy — you'll want to make a few!

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You only need a few supplies: a 6-inch terra cotta pot, its matching saucer, a spherical glass jar, a wooden knob, paint colors of your choosing, Halloween-inspired ribbon, and any other decorating items you please!

You simply paint the flower pot and saucer whichever color your decide on, glue the bottom of the glass jar to the bottom of the flower pot, decorate it, and fill it with candy.

A Pumpkin And A Princess


You could even make a few sizes to create a cute staggered arrangement of candy corn, trail mix, and other Halloween favorites!

A Pumpkin And A Princess

I love how this one's been decorated to look like the spiders are hungry for some candy.

This is definitely a super fun one to get the whole family involved and really customize to each person's own style!

A Pumpkin And A Princess

Check out more detailed steps over at A Pumpkin And A Princess, and let us know if you give it a try!

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