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These Fancy Felines Are Wearing The Cutest Hats Made Of Their Own Shed Fur

If you have a pet, then you know how much their shedding can be a nuisance. I mean, we all shed, but some cats and dogs shed to the point where wearing their fur has become an accidental accessory for their owners.

One cat owner is creatively repurposing his and his wife's cats' fur and using it to create hats for their cats.

Ryo Yamazaki is a Japanese photographer who gives Dr. Seus' 'The Cat In The Hat' a real run for its money.

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Ryo and his wife, Hiromi, repurpose their three cats' shed hair and intricately whirl the strands together to create tiny hats for their cats.

They have three Scottish Fold cats — Nya, Maru, and Mugi.

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They're the perfect models to sport these wild hats. They're so calm and still, unlike my dogs who can't sit still for a photo for even a millisecond.

And the fur is completely ethical too, since they're shedding it anyways!

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I don't know how the couple does it — the hair hats seriously look like felt!

I'm not sure the cats are the MOST impressed to wear them, but they're just so adorable.

I wonder if it's time to start up a new hobby with my dogs' fur?

Would you make one of these fur hats for your cat? Let us know!

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