Makeup Artists Share The Secrets Of Getting A Professional Look At Home

Getting that flawless professional makeup look can be very costly. Especially when you actually need to hire someone. But there are many tricks of the trade that even amateur makeup lovers can apply today to get that polished look.

One Reddit user asked makeup artists to share their tips and they responded with tons of great advice. Check it out.

Blending is key.

"Know how to blend. This means contour, eyeshadow, blush, highlight... any sort of color or accents on the face should look seamless," said Reddit user awkwoman.

Know what the product is actually for!

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"Know the purpose of the makeup. Different kinds for different things," advised Reddit user Saltwaterblood

That is so true. Oftentimes makeup looks too overdone at least from where I'm looking.

User MaestroMeowMix realized that, 'Makeup is created to add to your normal features, and using it as such can be tricky."

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Therefore you need more tools in your arsenal.

Prepping is super important.

"51% of your time should be prep. No exceptions. Skin needs to be taken care of before you put any color on it," said unicornzprancing. And I wholeheartedly agree.

"I see so many women try to do intricate eye looks and they are using the WRONG brushes," confessed SarahsArtistry. "There are more than 5+ brushes for the eyes."

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"Also, lip balm is 100% necessary, no matter how well treated a client's lips look," said katieeblythe.

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That's so interesting. I totally get that. My lips get so chapped.

If you plan on doing other people's makeup, keep this in mind.

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"Knowing how to play off facial features other than your own," advised dublthnk. No single technique is going to work on everyone's skin so you need to experiment more.

Read a product's ingredients!

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"Having knowledge of what goes into products is a big concern for make-up artists. (ie. A client who is allergic to latex, they need latex-free products)," said SarahsArtistry.

"Color correcting is also big because you need a solid base for application," said Reddit user awkwoman. "Peaches for under eyes, green cancels out red, etc."

Solid advice here.

Reddit user galindafiedify noticed that, "a lot of people try to contour with a product that’s too dark for their skin tone."

It should all be about being subtle.

"Use a lighter hand than necessary with all application and spend a little more time. It's easier to build up than remove and start over," said awkwoman.

True indeed.

"You don't always have to go matte with eyeshadow (mistake I made in the beginning), but lovely neutrals will get you far," said DreamGirl3.

Great tip for that natural look.

"Blend, Blend, BLEND the hell out of your eyeshadow and contour. Natural makeup is soft; there shouldn't be harsh edges," professed Reddit user DreamGirl3.

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Makes total sense to me.

I hope you were taking notes while reading these tips and you'll find them useful for your next top-notch makeup application.

I know that I've learned a ton from this.

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