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Coca Cola Has Heard the People And Plans To Release Cinnamon Coke

Before companies commit to a full-scale release, they usually find specific markets to do little test runs of their products in.

After all, it would suck in a pretty major way to go through all the trouble of unleashing a drink on a public that universally hates the taste of it.

So while some of us may get a little jealous when we hear about international markets getting special products that we can't touch over here, it often isn't long before they arrive stateside.

And Coca Cola's newest release serves as a perfect example of this.

But to appreciate this new drink, we first need to talk about the difference between Coke and Pepsi.

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Yes, there actually was one all along.

As @candyhunting wrote on Instagram, both colas mix citrus flavors with "brown spice," but Pepsi leans more towards the citrus while Coke leans towards the spice.

For this reason, it didn't entirely work out when Pepsi released Pepsi Fire.

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This was a cinnamon flavor that certainly had its fans, but a lot of consumers couldn't get past the clash between Pepsi's trademark flavor and the cinnamon twist.

However, cinnamon Coke apparently had a much different reception when it was released in the U.K. last year.

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According to Delish, it came out as a Coke Zero product around the holiday season and proved a big hit with the British public.

And now, it seems the company was emboldened enough by this success to bring it to the U.S.

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Although details about this release are scarce thus far, cinnamon Coke is expected to come out this winter and will feature both regular and Coke Zero variants.

And judging by the U.K. release, don't be surprised if it shows up when people start putting up their lights.

h/t: Delish