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The Victoria Crowned Pigeon Is Pure Pigeon Royalty

No offense to pigeons, but when we think of them, we don't normally associate them with beauty. They kind of just hang out, walk aimlessly around, and maybe swoop by a little too close for comfort. I think for me, I don't appreciate that they don't respect my personal bubble.

The Victoria Crowned Pigeon is here to change your minds about pigeons and show how beautiful they really are.

These vibrant and majestic birds are called the Victoria Crowned Pigeon.

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As you can see, they really don't look like pigeons at all! They are much larger, much more vibrant, and feature peacock-type features right on their noggin.

They are mainly found in swamps and lowlands in northern New Guinea, surrounding islands, and in Indonesia.

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However, you can see the beauty for yourselves in zoos in North America and other parts of the world.

They're pretty much born to be majestic. Look at this little one!

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What's wild is that they can grow to be the size of a large chicken.

These poor pigeons are under threat currently, due to deforestation and hunting for their feathers.

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So, take some time to appreciate these elegant and regal birds.

Have you ever spotted one at a zoo? Let us know!

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