Halloween Sweaters Are Here So You Can Throw An Ugly Halloween Sweater Party

Uhm, helllooooo? Halloween? You there?

Of course, Halloween isn't quite here, but it's not stopping stores from stocking their shelves with the most amazing Halloween goodies to get us excited and get the party started early!

And while we're on the subject of Halloween parties, why not use this year's Halloween to throw an ugly Halloween sweater bash?

For some, Halloween is just as big, if not more big, than Christmas.


Some people spend months crafting the most lavish Halloween parties and costumes, because there are costume contests to win, okay?

You can really fuse traditional Christmas affairs together with Halloween, because there are now ugly Halloween sweaters.


These ones are from HalloweenCostumes.com, and they're a nod at the tacky Christmas sweaters of Christmas past.

They're only $40, so you can really collect a few!


They would be super cute to wear to work if you're too lazy to come up with a work Halloween costume.

While they keep with the tacky theme of tacky knit Christmas sweaters, they're actually super adorable.


It's hard to pick a favorite!

Which one would be your winning ugly Halloween sweater? Let us know!

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