This Tie-Dye Tracksuit From ASOS Has Gone Viral For Looking Like A Poopy Accident

Uh oh — what do we have here? Someone call the fast fashion police because it looks like there's been another heinous fashion crime!

This time, it comes from the UK online retailer ASOS. The crime they're under arrest for? A tie-dye pattern gone very, very wrong.

Online fashion retailer Asos is selling this trendy tracksuit set from the brand Public Desire for $37.


It's really not a bad deal!

All seems fine and well, but shoppers picked up on something pretty hilarious about the outfit.

From behind, the pattern looks like the model has had a bit of an unfortunate number two accident.

So, naturally, the Internet is roasting the crap (no pun intended) out of it.

In an Instagram post, user @asbos_sos wrote, "Gastronentiritus but make it fashun."

They then proceeded to tag the post with some pretty hilarious hashtags, like, "#aftereatingakebaboffthefloor."

As they say, any publicity is good publicity. And coming from a brand called Public Desire, it's pretty ironic, because the tracksuit set is now "selling fast" according to the listing.

I guess they really know how to give the public something to desire, even if it looks like you've eaten one too many burritos!