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Online Retailer ASOS' New App Feature Brings Virtual Models Right Into Your Home

Remember all of those old futuristic movies that would imagine what life would be like in the 2000s? Most of what was depicted were things like flying cars, cities littered with bright neon lights, and of course, humanoid robots.

Well, we're kind of slowly getting there. Online fashion retailer ASOS recently launched augmented reality (AR) technology that brings a model right into your home.

ASOS teamed up with the augmented reality company HoloMe to bring models right into your home.

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The company is aiming to provide a more immersive product viewing experience for customers to improve online shopping.

With the click of a button, a hologram of a model is transported right into the room you're in to show you a live look at what the clothing looks like in real time.

It really reminds me of Star Wars.

The Virtual Catwalk is currently available for only a selection of items, but it's pretty cool to even just try out and play around with!

Users are sure having a lot of fun with it. Just check out this video.

To use it, you click on the item of your choosing, which prompts the camera to open.

Once you click on the blue button that pops up, a digital hologram of the model is revealed on your phone!

It's pretty wild, and is honestly a little creepy.

If you want to try it out, you have to have the ASOS store app for iOS currently available on the iOS versions 11.3 and up.

If you're lucky enough to try it out, let us know your thoughts!

Is it helpful or plain creepy?