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'Ellen' Star Rosie McClelland Just Dropped A Music Video And She Looks So Grown Up

If you don't remember Sophia Grace and Rosie from The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where even were you in 2011?

The two viral sensations are so grown up now that they're releasing their own music. You have to see this.

Rosie and Sophia Grace found viral fame in 2011.

YouTube | Rosie McClelland

A video of the two rapping and dancing (Sophia rapping, Rosie dancing, of course) hit YouTube and immediately racked up the views.

To date, it's been viewed over 2 million times.

Of course, Ellen had to have them on her show.

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They immediately won over the audience with their adorable English accents, obsession with rapping, and radically different personalities.

While Sophia Grace was loud and proud, Rosie was quieter, but no less vibrant.

They jumped at the chance to perform on the show.

YouTube | TheEllenShow

Their viral fame was due to their love of singing Nicki Minaj songs, so of course, they were going to perform "Super Bass" while on Ellen.

While Sophia Grace spit bars, Rosie adorably bopped along and forgot to sing the words into the mic.

Ellen arranged the ultimate surprise for them.

YouTube | TheEllenShow

They adored Nicki, so Ellen did as Ellen always does: stepped things up a notch.

She surprised the girls with Nicki herself, who sent the girls into tiny, adorable hysterics immediately.

Nicki sang with them, naturally.

YouTube | TheEllenShow

Sophia rapped so fast that not even Nicki could keep up with her...even though it was her own song.

People immediately fell for the two. The video of them meeting Nicki has over 137 million views.

Ellen then drafted the two for many more videos.

YouTube | TheEllenShow

Some of them included the duo hitting red carpets to interview celebrities.

This mostly comprised Sophia yelling and singing at them while Rosie bounced excitedly. The best part was how happy each celeb seemed to be to meet them!

She also let them go shopping on her dime.

YouTube | TheEllenShow

"I have adopted them. Just the blonde one. She seems easier," Ellen joked.

Ellen sent the two to Toys 'R Us at let them go wild. They wound up with two cartfuls worth of toys, which is what they deserved.

Now, they're teenagers!

Instagram | @rosiergm

Rosie is 12, and Sophia is 15.

The two have their own YouTube channels, and have each put out their own songs and accompanying music videos!

Rosie's, called "Lala," just dropped this week.

Rosie's YouTube channel is a good mix of stuff.

YouTube | Rosie McClelland

Some are vlogs, others music and fashion related.

She also does some typical YouTube challenges, including ones where she lets her followers decide what she does.

The account is run by her mom, Danielle.

She also posts covers of songs!

YouTube | Rosie McClelland

She's covered a range of artists, but obviously prefers pop.

She recently did a version of "I Don't Care" by Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber, which really shows off how talented she is.

Her latest song, "Lala", follows Rosie through a journey of confidence.

YouTube | Rosie McClelland

It stars she and a group of young women who aren't sure if they can achieve what they want to.

Once they find their "wings," they all have the confidence to shine.

She sounds really good, too!

YouTube | Rosie McClelland

"Lala" is highkey a real bop! It has catchy music, great vocals, and a great message for girls.

"I used to be/Afraid to stand on my own/Quiet cause they said so" transitions into a confidence booster...

With a sweet message!

YouTube | Rosie McClelland

It goes on:

"I couldn’t hold back that fire in the dark/Guess all those feelings started to spark/Now if I’m scared I know where to start, know where to start/‘Cause/Didn’t know I could fly tiI I found wings"

She also posted some bts from the song!

YouTube | Rosie McClelland

She and her family recorded a vlog of Rosie recording the song.

They traveled to LA to record it, and then spent a few days fine-tuning it for its eventual release!

Watch the whole video here!

Rosie has come a long way from the days of "Sophia Grace and Rosie," and now it's time to shine!

Who knew the little one who preferred to dance would grow up to have such a cool music career?