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Cindy Crawford Is Somehow Being Body Shamed For Her Latest Instagram Pic

53-year-old, mother-of-two, world-famous supermodel, Cindy Crawford, was being body-shamed by trolls after posting a photo of herself in a bikini on Instagram and we are not okay with it.

The trolls have been working hard, as per usual.

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You probably already know this, but the trolls do not rest.

They are working around the clock — no breaks, to destroy anyone and everyone's self-esteem.

Who is this week's first target, you may be asking? If you can believe it — world renowned supermodel, Cindy Crawford.

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Allow me to jog your memory.

In the '80s, Cindy was one of the world's most celebrated and idolized fashion models.

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As she reached her peak stardom, earning the title of "supermodel", she was considered a late-twentieth-century cultural phenomenon.

Big. Deal.

She's won countless awards and has been crowned as one of the most beautiful women in the world by several magazines.

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I just cannot emphasize enough how iconic she was and still is.

Anyway, you get it. She's literally famous for being beautiful.

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Even still, at the age of 53, two babies later, she is still absolutely stunning.

So, much to our surprise, she's getting body-shamed on social media.

Trolls were coming in hot, saying things like this:

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I know — I can't believe it either.

Some folks really had the audacity to call Cindy Crawford "dried up".

I'm out.

This woman implied that Cindy was setting an unsuccessful thirst trap.

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I'm gonna go ahead and take a wild guess that she probably did not post this photo to get the attention of men.

Nice try, Jgraham1414!

“A little bit of lake light,” she captioned the snap, along with a sparkle emoji.

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Every summer, Cindy spends time at a cottage in Ontario, enjoying the lake.

This troll suggested that there is an age when posting bikini photos on Instagram is no longer acceptable.

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I don't care if Cindy was 100 years old — she still has a nicer body than most people in their prime.

Let the woman live!

Thankfully, the positive comments far outweighed the negative ones.

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Fans were equally as confused as I am as to why Cindy could possibly be a victim of body-shaming with a physique like hers.

Again, Cindy is 52 years old.

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There are very few 53-year-olds that look as good as she does.

Nobody deserves to be body-shamed, but Cindy especially doesn't deserve it.

Dozens of fans commented, telling Cindy that she looks like she damn well could be in her 20s.

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Clearly, she takes very good care of herself.

She is honestly an inspiration.

I'm gonna go eat a salad rn.

The general consensus is that even at 53 years old, Cindy has definitely still got it.

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She could have left it somewhere, misplaced it, put it away for safekeeping — but no. She's still got it.

She has set an amazing example that age really is just a number.

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If you take care of yourself, you can look like this when you're 53 years old too.

So, just to summarize: Cindy Crawford is beautiful and immortal, and body shaming is wrong. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

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Let us know what you think of Cindy being body shamed for her latest bikini photo on Instagram.