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Aaron Carter Goes On Twitter Rant After Being Body Shamed By American Airlines Attendant

Aaron Carter put American Airlines through the ringer on Twitter — accusing one of their flight attendants of body-shaming him and losing his luggage that contained $11,000 worth of his belongings.

Aaron carter recently made some pretty major allegations agains American Airlines.

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After a flight from Chicago to Los Angeles, he took to Twitter to vent about his poor experience with the airline.

He has since deleted his entire string of tweets, complaining directly to the airline's Twitter account.

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But he began by explaining that he felt like one of the stewardess' was body-shaming him.

"I literally just saw a flight attendant across from me making fun of me and body shaming me on my flight 1384 @AmericanAir," he wrote.

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He didn't further explain the details of what he thought he overheard, however.

"I’ve literally had enough you guys are putting me through the ringer and now this!? A FLIGHT ATTENDANT!"

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"You guys lost my bag with 11k worth of merch & this!?" he continued.

Aaron went on — declaring he would take legal action.

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"I’m [expletive] livid. Flight aa1384@AmericanAir why is an airline I’ve spent millions of dollars over the course of 23 years treating me like this and scoffing at me!?"

"@AmericanAir you have 24 hours to resolve the issue of my bag and I am highly considering a law suit now over this," he threatened.

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He then explained, in a separate tweet, the contents of his bag that had allegedly been lost.

"They lost my bag with all my clothes designer clothing’s 100 merch items that go for 50$ a piece," he said.

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"Two pair of yeezy worth 2,000 EACH AND MY CUSTUM JACKET".

"AND 1,000 at least of toiletries and my dolce Gabbana suit. Thank you much @AmericanAir you need to resolve this NOW TODAY."

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When a fan chimed in, recommending that Aaron fly private going forward, he responded — reaffirming his loyalty to the airline.

"Fly private and stop whining," the fan wrote in a since-deleted tweet.

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"I’m not gonna stop flying @AmericanAir over this," Aaron responded — suddenly not seeming quite as done with the airline as we thought.

"I’m just going to have faith they will resolve both issues," he went on.

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"And most importantly their employee and my lost items that I spent MY OWN MONEY ON 11k + easy in my bag gone."

American Airlines eventually responded to Aaron's allegations, assuring him that they were working hard to resolve the issue.

In another since-deleted tweet, Aaron let the airline know that he had direct messaged them.

He explained that he sent the airline his phone number, hoping they would get in touch with him, but that he hasn't heard from them yet.

The airline responded, essentially thanking Aaron for his patience — assuring him that they would be in contact with him ASAP.

American Airlines Twitter representative continued to respond to Aaron's tweets in an attempt to diffuse the situation.

But eventually, Aaron deleted all of his tweets dragging the airline. So, perhaps we can assume that the problem has been solved?

Fans were quick to criticize Aaron for trolling the airline over Twitter.

This fan hilariously pointed out that $1000 worth of toiletries definitely seems excessive, to say the least.

Asking the important questions here.

Once Aaron landed in Los Angeles he tweeted a selfie, along with a surprisingly chipper caption.

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Let us know what you think of Aaron's since-deleted Twitter rant!

It has been a busy few months for Aaron.

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Aaron recently got into a bit of trouble when a Twitter account accused him of attempting to "flip" a dog that he had adopted.

This is the dog in question.

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He captioned the shot, "Just rescued this beautiful 10 month old English bulldog from the @lancasteranimalslaco shelter. I just couldn’t leave him there, I fell in love with him instantly and now he’s home with his new daddy. "

There was a recorded conversation.

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In it, Aaron can be heard saying, about his new bulldog, that if "it doesn't work out" he can sell the dog, which is currently going for $3500.

The shelter he adopted the dog from has addressed the controversy.

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Originally having shared the same photo of Aaron, they amended their caption to update that they were looking into the situation. They ultimately said they found no wrongdoing on Aaron's part.

Aaron has fought back against these claims.

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He insists that he was just joking and has never once attempted to flip a dog for money.

Aaron tweeted to defend himself.

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"I think it’s appalling that I actually even have to explain myself I’ve rescued many dogs & found many dogs homes," Aaron wrote on twitter.

"I’m a good person and i deserve respect."

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"What I said in my Instagram live video was a joke. Find one dog that I adopted and sold for money, be my guest. WONT HAPPEN."

He also further clarified in another comment.

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"Just an FYI to everyone, I still have my other two dogs. Fostering a dog is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have (other than adopting, of course), however I still have my pets (family) and appreciate some of your concern."