Brad Pitt's Fight With Bruce Lee In 'Once Upon A Time In Hollywood' Has Become Extremely Controversial

Oh boy! Once again I get to talk about Once Upon A Time In Hollywood again!

Possibly one of the best movies all year, this movie begs being talked about!

'Once Upon A Time In Hollywood'.


Was freaking awesome.

You might not like character movies and you might not like Tarantino movies, but to most of the world, it was a sweet movie with some sweet stuff.

Like Leo DiCaps.


The DiCap, the man, the legend, starred in this movie about movies and was brilliant in it.

He played Rick Dalton, a washed-up TV Star and his range of emotion were impeccable.

How about the rest of them?


Margot Robbie deserves some praise for her portrayal of the bubbly and fun Sharon Tate, she was a delight.

Al Pacino, Kurt Russel, even Bruce Dern showed up for this cool movie.

And of course there was arguably the highlight of the film: Brad Pitt.


He was cool, he was collected and above all, he kicked butt.

Eric Cartman would've been proud about all the hippy butt he kicked in this movie.

The movie has gotten some scrutiny, for two things above all:


One, for having women characters get brutally beat while not having all that much dialogue.

And to those people who say that...

I say: did you see the movie?


The women characters who got their butt kicked didn't have much dialogue sure, but they were part of... oh, what's that famous group of murderers called?

That's right, the Manson family.

It's safe to say that they deserved to get their butt kicked, they were murderers.


However, the second thing some people are peeved about is Bruce Lee's portrayal in this movie.



Bruce Lee is still dead, unfortunately, but he was brought to life briefly by Mike Moh, who did an excellent job of portraying the legendary Martial Arts master.

Here's the scene...


Brad's character, Cliff Booth, is having a flashback to one time when he was a stunt double on The Green Hornet (not the Seth Rogen one, the original).

That's when...


"Bruce" starts talking about how he could beat up Cassius Clay, also known as Muhammad Ali.

Cliff says that he couldn't and after some banter the aging stuntman and Lee fight.

That the two of them are pretty even, and the scene is actually pretty funny.


However, the controversy lies in the fact that Bruce Lee would've never said that he could beat up Muhammad Ali.

Bruce Lee really liked Muhammad Ali, and in fact, revered him.


And I mean, if you were alive while Ali was boxing, how could you not?

He was the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be.

According to...


His biographer, Matthew Polly:

"The part in the movie where the Lee character says he would ‘cripple’ [the boxer] and Brad Pitt’s character comes to Ali’s defense is not only completely inaccurate, it turns Lee into a disrespectful blowhard and jerk.”

Why would Tarantino put that in the movie?


Well, (and there are some spoilers coming up) it has something to do with the fact that Brad Pitt needed to look like a good fighter in the end.

Last Spoiler Warning.


He beats up a bunch of people at once, so showing he was as good of a fighter as the legendary Bruce Lee was almost essential.

So there! The movie is now flawless.