People On Both Sides Are Building Conspiracy Theories Around Epstein Suicide News

In the early morning of August 10, multimillionaire and alleged sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein was found unresponsive in his jail cell and rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Though the initial emergency was announced as cardiac arrest, his death has since been ruled a suicide. Sources have told various news publications that Epstein hanged himself.

Of course, it is still very early and proper investigations take time, but that hasn't stopped people from theorizing.

It's hard not to find details to latch onto in this case.

Besides being a well-known millionaire, Epstein had a lot of friends in high places and it doesn't seem like a stretch to think that someone might want to silence him before he could testify.

That theory has particular traction, as his death occurred the day after court documents were unsealed.

Those documents, which pertain to previous sexual assault and trafficking allegations provided the names of some prominent figures who allegedly turned to Epstein to provide them with young girls and women to have sex with.

The names include New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, former US Senator George Mitchell, Bill Clinton, and even Prince George, the Duke of York.

Others pointed to the fact that Epstein was supposed to be under 24-hour suicide watch after an incident on July 23.


While every news source I've checked agrees that he was put on watch at that time, NBC News is saying that sources told them that he had been taken off watch before he died.

I can't find anyone else to confirm that, though, as most reports that mention it also cite that same NBC News story.

But while people seem to agree that there is something weird about the man's death, opinions on who to blame are unsurprisingly partisan.

Depending on which side you stand on in the ongoing American schism, you either think that it's Trump's people behind his death or the Clintons'.

The anti-Clinton side has begun using #ClintonBodyCount to show where their opinions lie.

The reasoning being that Bill Clinton's name comes up in the court documents, corroborating previous reports of him having visited Epstein's private "sex island".

The anti-Trump people point to all the evidence of the men's friendship before and during the time of the alleged crimes.

They're also the group most likely to believe that no real investigation will happen, due to Epstein's connections to the administration and Attorney General Barr.

Some even wonder if he's actually dead.

People have noted that we haven't seen a body, but (thankfully) our media isn't in the habit of displaying suicide images on our screens, so I'm not sure that's a red flag in this case. Especially with an autopsy still needing to happen.

So what do you think?

Personally, I think it's too soon to assume the worst, since supposed "holes" in the story could still be attributed to lack of information and clarity in the early parts of the investigation. Of course, we'll see what happens when more details become available.

Or maybe it was a satanic clone like one tweet insists?

h/t: CNN