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This Artist Photoshopped Celebrities Next To Their Younger Selves And The Nostalgia Is Real

It's crazy to believe but in just one year, 1990 will officially be 30 years ago.


Want to feel even more nostalgic? These images by Dutch artist @ardgelinck should do the trick.

He's photoshopped images of celebrities next to their younger selves. Prepare to be amazed!

Forget the recent trend of age filters.

Instagram | @ardgelinck

Dutch artist @ardgelinck has practically invented a time machine by photoshopping images of celebrities next to their younger selves!

He recently told Buzzfeed that his work first centered around funny pictures on Twitter before expanding to involve celebs.

Instagram | @ardgelinck

"I just hope when people see my work, it puts a smile on their face."

"It's pure entertainment, and I love it!"

Instagram | @ardgelinck

Get ready: it makes the nostalgia soooo real.

Haley Joel Osment

Instagram | @ardgelinck

I see... not dead people, but an incredibly talented photoshopped image that looks sooo real.

Matt Leblanc

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We already know that time has flown since the 25th anniversary of Friends is coming up, but wow, this pic is an even greater reminder.

Can anyone else here "how you doin'?" coming out of their mouths at the same time?

Hugh Grant

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This image might make rom-com fans super emotional since Hugh was a major heartthrob back in the days.

Robin Williams

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This one really tugs at all the feels. Can you believe it's been five years since Robin passed away?

We'll always be so grateful for Robin making our childhoods so great.

Luke Perry

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This one is bittersweet, too, since 90210's Luke Perry tragically passed away this past March.

Daniel Radcliffe

Instagram | @ardgelinck

This one's for the Harry Potter fans!

This is what we wished Harry and Ginny's kids looked like in the final movie!

Ariana Grande

Instagram | @ardgelinck

In case you needed to be reminded of how adorable Ariana Grande was as a kid, here it is.

Will Smith

Instagram | @ardgelinck

This one's super interesting since we'll be seeing Will Smith and his younger self in the upcoming movie, Gemimi.

Brad Pitt

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He may have once played a vampire, but Brad Pitt isn't ageless.

Also, can anyone really say which version of Brad is more attractive??

Taylor Swift

Instagram | @ardgelinck

Ever since moving into the pop scene, Taylor Swift has had quite the transformation.

This image kinda makes us wish she'd go back to her country roots!

Kim Kardashian

Instagram | @ardgelinck

One thing is clear here about both versions of Kim: she's gorgeous in both pics.

Tom Hanks

Instagram | @ardgelinck

This image reminds us of the long and honorable acting career Tom Hanks has had.

Even now in his older years, he's still touching our hearts with films like "Toy Story".

Soon, he'll be portraying Mr. Rogers in the upcoming flick, A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood.

Miley Cyrus

Instagram | @ardgelinck

Aww little Miley! We're transported right back to her Hannah Montana days with this pic.

Couldn't she have stayed this innocent forever?


Instagram | @ardgelinck

So cute!

Who would have thought that this little boy would grow up to become the President of the United States!

Jennifer Aniston

Instagram | @ardgelinck

The feels!

Despite just turning 50, she's still looking like Rachel Green.

Amy Winehouse

Instagram | @ardgelinck

Aww, baby Winehouse was such a cutie!

Sadly, the singer met her tragic end at 27 from alcohol poisoning.

Aretha Franklin

Instagram | @ardgelinck

We're giving all the R-E-S-P-E-C-T to the artist for this amazing Photoshop job.

Paul McCartney

Instagram | @ardgelinck

So many Beatle songs come to mind from this image.

It's honestly crazy to think about how much time has passed since he was this young again.

Bruce Springsteen

Instagram | @ardgelinck

The rock legend is looking just such as handsome as he did in his twenties. A true boss.

There's even a movie out right now about Bruce's musical impact on the world.

Rock on, Bruce.

Tina Turner

Instagram | @ardgelinck

Minus the wild hair, this photo proves that Tina is rollin' through the aging process so well.

She doesn't age!

Roger Federer

Instagram | @ardgelinck

BRB, we need to hop onto the tennis court ASAP since playing tennis apparently makes you not age one bit.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Instagram | @ardgelinck

This image makes us wish Leo decided to have kids since the world needs more of his handsome genes!

Winona Ryder

Instagram | @ardgelinck

Pfft. Will, who?

Judging by this embrace, Winona was looking for her younger self the whole time.

Possibly to tell her not to go through with that whole shoplifting thing...

Bruce Willis

Instagram | @ardgelinck

Bruce Willis became Bruce "Hairless" as he got older, but we still love this Die Hard hero anyways.

Amy Schumer

Instagram | @ardgelinck

She may have just welcomed a baby boy to the world, but this pic lets us imagine what her little girl would look like!

So, yeah, this artist is really talented!

Instagram | @ardgelinck

To see more of his work, check out his Instagram and get ready to feel nostalgic AF!