Check Out These Beautiful Women Going Viral For Proudly Flaunting Their Cellulite

Olivia Nazarewich
Instagram | @iskra

If you haven't noticed already, social media has been on absolute fire with body positivity posts, especially in the last couple of months. And brands are on board too, with many choosing not to airbrush or edit their photos to absolute perfection. What is perfection, anyways?

Now, the hashtag #CelluLIT is going viral on Instagram, with women proudly flaunting their cottage cheese thighs and behinds because it's not something to hide!

Iskra Lawrence is the model behind the viral body positive Instagram hashtag #CelluLIT.

Instagram | @iskra

Iskra is a British model known for her body positive posts and eating disorder advocacy. She uses her platform and her 2.4M following to spread body love.

Soon after she posted the above photo to The Gram, other women started using their Instagram to post their own cellulite photos.

Instagram | @maywellsofficial

Singer and songwriter May Wells captioned this photo, "It’s not the cellulite you should erase on this picture, but your attitude towards it."

Her statement couldn't be more true!

These women are aiming to normalize cellulite, and not make it a condition that women should be trying to get rid of.

Instagram | @psitsfashion

Liz Black, pictured here, wrote, "I spent so many years hiding my thighs because I felt so much shame about my cellulite...So here they are, in their cell-u-lit glory, my pale thunder thighs are stepping out for the season."

YES, girl!

Why even work to get rid of something that 90% of people have, no matter their body size or type?

Instagram | @itsfitmadiwilson

And many of the "treatments" are only temporary anyways.

It's doesn't matter if you're a regular at the gym or not.

Instagram | @jacintamayora

Cellulite doesn't discriminate!

Even celebrities are getting in on the hashtag trend.

Instagram | @ddlovato

Demi Lovato took to Instagram to flaunt her unedited self.

"I’m just literally sooooo tired of being ashamed of my body, editing it (yes the other bikini pics were edited - and I hate that I did that but it’s the truth) so that others think I’m THEIR idea of what beautiful is, but it’s just not me," she wrote.

It's so refreshing to see celebrities be transparent!

Your body is definitely part of you, but it doesn't have to be your whole life's focus.

Instagram | @thebirdspapaya

Instagrammer @thebirdspapaya shared, "My truth is, I used to be ashamed of my body and now I live for more things beyond it."

Hey, even personal trainers have it, if you thought they didn't.

Instagram | @ashbrosh

Many may be shredded, but they're also not immune to it.

So, let's give our thighs a little extra love today and proudly sport our cellulite.


There are greater things to worry about, like which Blizzard flavor I should get at Dairy Queen later.

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