Jennifer Coolidge Spoke About Her 'Friends' Cameo And Low-Key Shaded Everyone

Out of all the celeb appearances there have been on the TV show, Friends, Jennifer Coolidge's cameo has been a fan-favorite.

But now, thanks to a recent interview with Metro, it's been revealed that it wasn't so great.

To top it all off, we're pretty sure she just shaded the whole cast...

During its 10-year run, "Friends" has had its fair share of celeb guests.

This includes everyone from Bruce Willis, George Clooney, Reese Witherspoon to Christina Applegate.

And we can't forget the iconic appearance of Brad Pitt.

He's one of the most famous celebs guests of all time since he was married to Jennifer Aniston at the time.

There was also Jennifer Coolidge.

The comedic actress has made a mark in pretty much any movie or TV show she's in.

This includes "Legally Blonde" (never forget the bend and snap!)

Or her role as Stifler's mom on American Pie.

You might also recognize her reprising her role in Ariana Grande's music video for 'Thank U, Next.'

You KNOW you're iconic when Ariana Grande wants you in her music video homage to the movies you starred in.

When it came to "Friends", she played Amanda Buffamonteezi, the annoying former friend of both Monica and Phoebe.


She appeared on the season 10 episode called, "The One With Ross's Tan."

Because she was so annoying (a fake British accent will do that), Monica and Phoebe tried to avoid her at all costs during her visit.

Them trying to "phase her out" went down unsuccessfully since Monica is a classic people-pleaser.

Jennifer's cameo also played an important part to the show's subplot about how Phoebe had tried to phase out Monica before.

During all this drama, Jennifer gave us iconic lines like: "smell my neck. It's not perfume, it's ME! My natural scent."

We were even gifted with this hilarious scene of Amanda dancing horribly in front of a poor Chandler.

Did you know that she's had no professional dance training?

Now, 20 years later, Jennifer's speaking out about her time on the show.

Instagram | @theofficialjencoolidge

Turns out, it wasn't as fun as we thought.

In an interview with "Metro", she started by saying that the set looked more like a movie set than a network TV show set.

Instagram | @theofficialjencoolidge

This was accompanied by a "very serious" vibe.

Despite knowing Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) from a comedy group, she admitted to being intimidated by the cast.

"I was very intimidated because they were all so attractive and had it going on."

During her interview, she even threw some shade when making it clear that the show creators didn't want to hear her ideas for her character.

Instagram | @theofficialjencoolidge

"Sometimes I think people want to hear my ad libs when I get on a show and they really don’t."

"The vibe was pretty serious; I don’t think they wanted my input and I could really feel that…sticking to their own stuff. So I didn’t have the guts [to push]."

"Sometimes I come in and throw some lines and they come up and say, 'You know Jennifer, we’re just going to stick to the script'. That was a serious show."

The only time they gave her creative freedom was when it came to her dancing awkwardly.

"‘The only thing I improvised was they wanted me to dance awkwardly so I felt like I had a natural ability to dance that way."

"I think that was the only time they didn’t give me direction, they wanted me to say the lines and call it a day."

Despite throwing shade, she was quick to add that everyone was friendly.

"When you’re on their shows sometimes there is a seriousness where you think, “I’m just going to do my little part and I’ll be in my dressing room”.’

That wasn't the case for Jennifer.

"‘Everyone was very friendly and don’t get me wrong there wasn’t anyone who wasn’t nice," Jennifer added.

Despite her experience on "Friends" not being the best, we'll forever be grateful for her appearance.

Instagram | @theofficialjencoolidge

And of course, for being able to hit "replay" on her awkward dancing clip forever.

Jennifer joked that she wished she could take credit for the success of the show.

Instagram | @theofficialjencoolidge

"‘I wish I could take full responsibility for Friends because everyone did so well on that. I wish I did more than one episode."

She understood why they didn't bring her back on, though.

Instagram | @theofficialjencoolidge

"I don’t know how they would have brought Amanda back," she admitted. They could've brought her back as a different character — sitcoms, especially really long-running ones, do that all the time!

Jennifer commented on how that was a golden age for sitcoms.

Instagram | @theofficialjencoolidge

"‘At that time, it was sort of, there was a golden time when all these incredible shows were happening and I was so lucky."

"My career started when I was Jerry’s girlfriend on Seinfeld for one episode," she said.

Instagram | @theofficialjencoolidge

"Then American Pie happened and so yeah, all it took was to be on one of these shows once and it was life changing for an actor sometimes."

Despite a little bit of shade, it looks like Jennifer appreciates her time on the show.

Instagram | @theofficialjencoolidge

After all, who wouldn't love to say they were a part of what might be the most iconic show in history?

Okay, sorry, fans of The Office. ONE of the most iconic shows in history.