10+ People Who Attempted To Be Stylish

Online shopping can be so deceiving because the pictures don't always live up to the reality you end up receiving. I'm sure many of you have been there before. I know I have. And I've had to send a few things back.

These people thought they had the style game down when they placed their orders only it came and bit them in the butt.

1. Curse You ASOS

For once, a plus-size item was actually way too big. That's usually not the case.

2. Outfit Of The Day

Every lady wants to get that one stylish coat she can rock during the colder weather season. But this disaster won't cut it.

3. Green With Envy

Instagram | @nataliebrownlv

This is one sexy dress that's really flowy and perfect for those summer days. But what came is not even close. What a disappointment.

4. Something Very Wrong Here

Imagine this guy's surprise when he ordered a man's outfit on ASOS website and they send him a woman's red dress? Ha, ha. This is classic.

5. When You Make The Best Ouf Of A Bad Situation

This pink dress is just plain and ugly but if you turn it around it looks much better.

6. When They Sell You A Sack Of Potatoes

Dresses like these are a total no-no for me because chances are they end up looking exactly like what she got.

7. iWatch

Reddit | elit3k1ll3r21

Apple watches are all the rage these days and everyone is wearing them. But make sure you buy from a reputable online retailer before you spend $600. Yikes!

8. When You Buy A Dress Meant For A 7 Ft. Model

Ladies, sizing is everything when you buy clothes online. Make sure you read the fine print and measure.

9. Fit For A Handmaid

Don't you hate it when you buy a dress that's sexy and slick online and end up with one straight out of A Handmaid's Tale?

10. Size It Up

Even guys make the same mistakes that ladies do online when they think they can just size up. You can fit two people in these. Ha, ha.

11. Star Wars Disaster

Reddit | FlamingWedge

Buying Halloween costumes online can be such a gamble. Am I right? I bet this guy didn't expect to get this instead of a Storm Trooper.

12. Wedding Dress Nightmare

I think I would absolutely lose it if I ordered my wedding dress online and this is what arrived. Are you kidding me? Not laughing.

13. The Potato Sack

When you were hoping for a new cozy, fall sweater and you get this instead, you better find that receipt and return it ASAP.

14. Not A Dress

With this whole romper trend, it's easy to mistake a romper for a dress. I've definitely done this.

15. Watch Out For Cut-Outs

Another popular trend is having cut-outs in your clothes that allow you to flash some skin. Unfortunately, that means you can also get some serious sun burns.

16. Creative But Not Stylish

I get what she was going for (because long hair can be a pain) but this looks so weird.

17. Outfit From The Future

People always want to be on the cutting-edge of fashion, but this looks like something out of a sci-fi movie.

18. Another "Handmaid's Tale"

We should all just try to avoid long, red dresses until this show is over.

19. Accessories Gone Wrong

Yikes! This Instagram user called her new necklace, "a non-functional adult bib". That's pretty accurate.

20. How Do You Sit?

This just looks so uncomfortable. Why would anyone wear these?

21. The Dress That Just Won't Stop

There is way, way too much volume going on here. She looks like she has wings.

22. Even Celebs Can Mess Up

J-Lo's slouchy denim boots actually just look like someone with their pants around their ankles. C'mon, you know it's true.

23. Granny's Curtains

With florals, you really have to careful. Many of them look so outdated.

24. When You Don't Want To Match

Matching with the tablecloth at a restaurant is not a cute look. At all.

25. Beam Me Up

I thought this dress looked familiar, but it wasn't until I saw the Star Trek photos that it hit me.

26. Online Shopping Fails Again

This jumpsuit looks nothing like the product's advertisement and apparently, the material felt like a "garbage bag" and a "windbreaker".

27. Is That A Tent?

It's honestly hard to see how anyone could wear this dress. I guess it could come in handy on a camping trip, though.

28. Trying Those Internet Hacks

Have you seen those videos where women tie scarves into a top? It turns out that in real life, those usually don't work out so well.

29. Watch Out For Those Ripped Jeans

With today's trends, I guess it's best to just wear sunscreen at all times to avoid a disaster like this.

30. Not So Cute

Instagram | @catsaresuchdicks

This outfit on the left looks so cute no wonder it had her fooled. But what actually arrived has more resemblance to Yoda. LOL!

Who knew that being stylish could be so hard?

LOL. Especially when you take a gamble and try ordering clothing online. Don't say I didn't warn you. Okay?