Pillsbury Pumpkin Spice Rolls Are Back In Stores So Fall Can Officially Start Now

We're more than halfway through the summer season, and if that bums you out, I'd like to just quickly remind you that that means fall is on its way. And that's nothing to be upset about.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that the best part of fall is not the leaves changing, the weather cooling, or the tans fading, but the reintroduction of pumpkin spice into everything.

For many of us, "fall" isn't even a thing. It's exclusively known as pump spice season, thank you very much.

Pumpkin spice lattes are a national treasure, and if you've never tried pumpkin spice cookies, I'd dare to say you've never lived.

But in a world where so many p-spice products are trying to battle each other for top spot, one rises high above the rest: pumpkin spice cinnamon rolls.

Year after year, we have been given the gift of these perfectly pumpkin rolls on grocery shelves.

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And let's take a moment to quickly bless all the rains down in Africa because Pillsbury has once again delivered on our favorite fall treat. That's right, Pillsbury Grands! Pumpkin Spice Rolls are officially back and ready to help us welcome fall back into our hearts.

Don't believe me? They've already been spotted in stores. Now you can officially get excited.

According to People, these delicious rolls are pumpkin spice-flavored, lightly tinted orange to get you in that fall mood, and then are topped with pumpkin spice-infused icing, because there's truly no such thing as too much pumpkin spice.

Delivering you all the Cinnabon cinnamon and pumpkin-y goodness you could ever want in life, these rolls are the true symbol of fall.

Each limited edition can will give you five cinnamon rolls to enjoy with your friends, or by yourself — it's your world.

One pack will cost you anywhere from $3 to $5, depending on where you pick it up, but personally I don't think you can really put a price on these things. I don't know how to make myself any clearer: these things are heavenly.

So if you're ready to ditch the summer heat and embrace all things fall, I'd suggest you start with one of these pumpkin spice rolls.

h/t: People

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