You Can Now Buy Jumbo Lucky Charms Marshmallows Because Life Is Magical

Amy Pilkington 9 Aug 2019

I've mostly grown out of the sugary-sweet cereals of childhood. With adult tastebuds, it's much easier to tell that they are just iffy artificial flavors masked by sweetness.

But there are certain cereals where the nostalgia factor trumps the lack of nuance in flavor.

For me — and a lot of others — Lucky Charms is one of those special cereals.

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Does it matter that we can now tell that the oat cereal always tastes slightly stale or that the marshmallows are chalky at best?

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Absolutely not. Those chalky marshmallows are the best.


Admit it: you love them.

The brand isn't ignorant of that fact either. They have held contests to win boxes of the 'mallows only and regularly engage their fans for input on new shapes.

It wasn't seven-year-olds who flocked to Twitter to vote for the unicorn marshmallow.

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But what if you could get the nostalgia bomb AND have the marshmallows actually taste good?

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They've figured that out too!

Lucky Charms has partnered with the Kraft's Jet-Puffed marshmallow brand to create actual marshmallows in those familiar shapes and colors.

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These marshmallows are a lot larger than the cereal versions too.

Instagram | @luckycharms

Besides eating the whole package by the handful, imagine how great they'd look decorating baked goods!

Though they're in the usual green clovers, yellow stars, blue moons, and pink hearts, all of the shapes are vanilla-flavored.

Seven-ounce bags are starting to appear on shelves now, with the national rollout planned for September. We can't wait!

h/t: Insider

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