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Watch Kate Middleton's Hilarious Reaction To Charlotte Sticking Her Tongue Out

Princess Charlotte is quickly becoming our favorite member of the royal family.

More often than not, she's throwing the royal rules out the window, and we absolutely love her for it.

When you're a member of the Royal Family, you're expected follow certain protocol.

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Things like the specific way to cross your legs, wearing certain shades of nail polish, and certain dress codes all apply.

Fortunately for us, four-year-old Princess Charlotte has no problem throwing all royal rules out the window.

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Which is fair, because she's just a kid, and why should she have to follow strict rules?

As a toddler, Princess Charlotte has showcased her fair share of public tantrums.

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Hey, it happens.

For example, remember when she told the paparazzi off?

She let them know, under no uncertain terms, that they were NOT invited to her baby brother's christening.

Or when she... whatever this was?

I'm not entirely sure what she's doing here, but I do know that it is definitely relatable. I feel like I do the same thing when my alarm goes off in the morning.

And Kate Middleton has always been quick to swoop in and save the day.

Because moms are the best, duh.

Now that Charlotte's toddler days are behind her, she's moving on from her tantrum days.

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And entering her "royal etiquette who?" phase.

And while the family attended the The King’s Cup recently, Charlotte was spotting sticking her tongue out.

And Kate's reaction? Absolutely iconic. No, she didn't scold her.

Quite the opposite actually. Watch for yourself and see!

It just goes to show that Kate doesn't always take the royal duties super seriously.

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Especially when it comes to the kids — which we love to see!

Some people apparently think Charlotte's behavior was "bratty."

I think she was just being a kid! I also used to stick my tongue out a lot as a kid. There are a lot of reasons I wouldn't make a good member of the Royal Family but that definitely is not one of them.

People came to her defense.

The press is always hard on the Royals, especially the women who have married into the family, but like this Twitter user suggests, the children should be left out of these pressures placed on the Royals.

Some have pointed out Charlotte's similarity to another member of the Royal Family.

It looks like Charlotte has more in common with her Uncle Harry than just being the younger sibling of the future King!

Charlotte tends to steal the spotlight no matter where she is.

Like this shot from the wedding of Princess Eugenie, where it's clear the little princess is commanding the room.

Or this adorable moment where she decides to follow the Queen's lead.

It's so cute to watch her realize what her grandmother is doing and then decide to do that herself. Kids love to copy the adults around them!

Princess Charlotte is definitely adorable.

And pretty much everything she does is a whole mood. She might be pretty far from the throne, but she's definitely got her own crown when it comes to being hilarious.