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Turn Your Hand Into A Walking Garden With These Wild Flower Pot Nails

Have y'all seen some of the nail trends going viral on social media these days? It seems like they're never ending! Psychedelic lava lamp nails hypnotized audiences with their grooviness. People also adored the matching pawdicures that owners and their furry friends were getting together.

Now, flower pot nails are a major addition to the massive list of wild and wacky viral nail trends of 2019, and we're not upset about it.

So, flower pot nails are now a thing, and they're actually cool as heck.

Instagram | @nail_sunny

The whole tutorial was documented on @nail_sunny's Instagram page.

The nail technician created functional mini flower pots out of acrylic and painted the cutest designs on them.

Yes, they even filled the pots with dirt and sprigs of flowers and plants!

Instagram | @nail_sunny

This part floored me.

Are these nails practical? Not so much. But are they absolutely wildly functional? Heck yes!

Instagram | @nail_sunny

This lady's hand has now turned into a walking garden.

You really don't need any other accessory besides a garden of nails.

Instagram | @nail_sunny

Watch the whole tutorial below to be amazed!

What do you think of these wild nails? Let us know!

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