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Oreo's Festive Halloween Cookies Have Five New Spooktacular Designs

It hurts to say, but summer is getting closer and closer to its tragic and inevitable end. Soon we'll have to pack away our bathing suits, bid farewell to our flippy-floppies, and resign ourselves to the cold, dark months ahead.

But before you start shedding tears for our dear friend summer '19, remember that the end of summer also signals the start of fall, that beautiful season of sweaters, pumpkin-flavored everything, and, best of all, Halloween treats.

And Oreo has got you covered this year.

The cookie company has already released their annual orange crème version in honor of the spooky season.

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The orange doesn't change the flavor, by the way. It's still that same crème you know and love sandwiched between two chocolate cookies. But they're definitely festive, nonetheless.

By now it's basically tradition to pick yourself up a pack of these to snack on while you watch the newest and scariest movies Netflix has to offer. (Or, you know, just watch Halloweentown for the billionth time, like me.)

But this year, Oreo has upped their cookie game and introduced not one, not two, but FIVE haunted designs.


Now you can pick the perfect cookie to suit your every Halloween mood.

According to Best Products, one pack of the cookies includes all five designs — a spiderweb, a jack o'lantern, a witch flying on a broomstick, a ghost with "BOO!", and a bat with the phrase, "Dare to dunk".

A quick search through Instagram shows that people are already seeing these festive cookies on store shelves.

It's not clear where exactly you can go to find a pack for yourself, but it's a safe bet that Walmart will likely be offering any Halloween-eager customers the chance to devour these snacks. One Instagram user also suggested Dollar General probably stocks them, too.

If you need even more fall-themed cookies in your life, Oreo has still got you covered.

Maybe you're more pumpkin than jack o'lantern, in which case you'll appreciate Oreo's pumpkin spice flavor. After all, 'tis the season for all things p-spice, so why not double up on the best fall flavor possible and snack on these cookies while sipping a delicious PSL from Starbucks?

See, the end of summer really isn't that bad, as long as you have the right food.

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