10+ Of The Worst Things Characters On 'The Office' Ever Did

These sitcom characters go pretty far to make us laugh. And we appreciate it! But sometimes they go too far and cross a line.

Here is a list of the worst things people on The Office ever did. I'll warn any Michael stans in advice, he's responsible for most of them.

Michael's Memory


At a party with two East Asian waitresses from Benihana, Michael cannot tell which one of them was his date despite them looking quite different.

It's supposed to be funny but it falls flat.

Jim's Pregnancy Announcement


Pam doesn't want her conservative grandma to find out.

Jim accidentally lets the cat out of the bag but tells everyone that Pam is an alcoholic to fix his mistake.

What a recovery.

Date Mike


There's only one person less popular with women than Michael.

It's the alter ego he created to get dates: Date Mike. His vocabulary consists solely of disrespectful pick-up lines.

'Diversity Day'


The concept alone is pretty insensitive and Michael is the last person who should be facilitating it.

His racist Indian impression prompts Kelly to rightfully slap him.

Michael Spanking An Intern


Sure the intern is his nephew but it's still super inappropriate for a work environment.

Not to mention he's humiliating him in front of all their co-workers.

Blind Date Behavior


Michael pretends to be someone else to get out of a blind date when he sees what she looks like.

This was less funny than it was straight up mean.

Michael Kissing Oscar


In order to prove he's not homophobic, he decides to plant one right on Oscar, a Confirmed Gay.

Oscar clearly doesn't want to kiss his boss but endures it anyway.

Fake Firing


Once again, Michael abuses his authority as a boss and pretends to fire Pam, only to turn around and laugh at her reaction.

As an employer, this joke goes a little too far.

Phyllis' Wedding


Michael constantly tried to steal the spotlight on Phyllis' special day.

He constantly insulted her, butted in during beautiful moments, and even revealed to everyone in attendance a horrible nickname Phyllis had in high school.

Ryan Straight Up Abandons a Baby


In a last-ditch attempt to win Kelly back he brings a baby of questionable origin to Dwight and Angela's wedding.

He gives it an allergic reaction to distract Kelly's new boo, and then they runs off into the sunset.

Nellie Straight Up Kidnaps a Baby


While on the show Nellie makes her desire to have children very clear.

And in the series finale, her dream comes true, when she kidnaps a baby. Which is very illegal.



Michael uses company time and resources to literally hunt down a model he fell in love with from a catalog.

Good thing she turned out to be dead so she didn't have to deal with him.

Meredith Making It Rain!!!


On her son...

He turns out to be one of the strippers at Angela's hens night and she was as surprised as the rest of us.

Erin's Public Breakup


After winning the 'Cutest Redhead in The Office' award, she uses the platform to very publicly dump her boyfriend, Gabe Lewis.

In front of all their coworkers. And boss. And friends.

Dumping Pam's Mom on her Birthday


Michael ignores yet another employee-employer boundary by dating Pam's mom.

He later dumps her on her birthday of all days and calls her old at the same time. Harsh.