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People Are Loving This Guy Who Laughed Hysterically At Anti-Immigration Protesters

Things are weird in 2019. A former reality show host is running things in the Oval Office and getting people all hot and bothered over a wall. Fortunately, we have a balm to soothe an embattled country — and it’s a dude in a simple green polo shirt.

It all kicked off at a city council meeting.

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City council meetings are pretty much the embodiment of extreme boredom. But, against all odds, a council meeting this week in Tucson, Arizona went viral for a totally delightful reason.

Tucson residents are somewhat at odds.

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There’s a proposal to make Tucson a sanctuary city for immigrants. The idea has its supporters and its detractors, and city councillors will vote on whether to put the measure on a November ballot.

A MAGA hat-wearing woman caused a scene.

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A woman wearing a familiar red hat and Daisy Dukes went on a bit of a rant, holding up a sign threatening deportation and ranting about immigration laws. It was a fairly entertaining spectacle.

Enter the green shirt.


Reporter Nick VinZant had his camera rolling during the rant. The camera pans, with perfect comedic timing, to a mustachioed dude wearing a basic green polo. His reaction was priceless.

Green Shirt Guy laughed and laughed.

Green Shirt Guy (real name Alex Kack) took in the racist tantrum. He wasn’t on board with the woman’s remarks, but he didn’t shout her down. His reaction was to openly laugh at the ridiculousness of the situation.

Then came the zinger.

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The MAGA woman said, “You’re in direct violation of the oath you took to the United States constitution.” A guy behind her countered with, “You’re in direct violation of being a jackass.”

Green Shirt Guy couldn’t contain himself.

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The “jackass” retort cracked him up completely, bringing him from a hearty chuckle to hysterical laughter that appeared to bring him to the point of tears.

It was a moment of levity in a charged situation.

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"Who has the time in their day to come into a public space just to spread hatred and negativity? Like honestly what happened that made them so ridiculous and hateful?" said Kack.

People are loving it.

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VinZant's video has gone viral, prompting reactions across the Twitterverse. In a time where politics are increasingly polarized, Green Shirt Guy teaches us a valuable lesson: sometimes, all you can do is laugh.

He's the hero we need.

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We might not deserve Green Shirt Guy, but he's come through for us in a dark time. Let us know what you thought of the video in the comments section.

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