Netflix's 'Rocko's Modern Life' Is Going To Have A Trans Character Story

That's right folks, he's back! Everyone's favorite wallaby has returned to grace us with his presence again, this time he'll be on Netflix!

And will there be a new storyline to caress our hearts with goodness! Read on, reader!

'Rocko's Modern Life'.

The show was small but brilliant and came out in 1995, and it featured a creative director named Stephen Hillenburg.

As far as I know, the guy hasn't done anything since Rocko.

The show was pretty darn awesome.


It was littered to the brim with all sorts of adult jokes, ranging from tasteful to downright offensive (Rocko as a phone sex operator springs to mind).

Nevertheless we loved it.


It made us laugh, it made us... well, it mostly made us laugh and it's a good bit of nostalgia that will remain in our hearts forever.

So of course it's getting a 2019 reboot.


Because everything is these days.

Not to sound bitter or anything, because I'm not, I really do love a lot of these remakes and reboots.

Digressing now...


The new reboot is called 'Rocko's Modern Life: Static Shock' and no, it won't feature the 2000s teenage superhero with electricity powers. What's that? It's called 'Static Cling'?

Oh, how embarrassing.

Here's the rub...

Rocko and his friends have been floating around in space since the end of the first show, and they crash land in modern-day to a world that has changed around them.

In the trailer...

We saw Rocko dealing with Iphones, traffic, 3D printing, new gritty reboots of superhero movies (and reboots in general) and... you know what, I'll just let this awesome trailer speak for itself.



The world isn't the only thing that has changed!

One of the beloved characters has recently undergone some major changes.



It turns out that Rocko's favorite show, The Fatheads, has been off the air for years now (we've all been through that Rocko, don't worry they'll reboot it in 10 years).

He's obviously pretty upset about it.


So they go and find Ralph Bighead, creator of the show and child to Rocko's neighbors, the loud-mouthed and quick to anger Mr. and Mrs. Bighead.

However Ralph isn't Ralph anymore!


She's Rachel, and since the '90s she has undergone the process of changing her gender.

Seems like a pretty heavy subject to tackle for a cartoon...

'Rocko's Modern Life' is what cartoons should be!


This isn't the first time they've tackled LGBT issues and racy storylines (ahem, the Rocko as a phone sex operator, Heffer getting "milked" in a barn, etc, etc).

In one episode...


Mr. Bighead himself has to hide the fact that he's a clown because the whole town hates those painted up comedians (and who wouldn't after seeing the It reboot, that clown is terrifying).

Series creator...


Joe Murray has confirmed that this was an allegory for in the closet gay people, and now he's looking for similar subjects to tackle in the reboot (obviously, considering the trans storyline).

What do you think?


Is this a big step for cartoons? Or did Steven Universe and the recently canceled Danger & Eggs do enough for the trans community?

All I know is this: fans are excited, including myself.