Shannen Doherty Admits Luke Perry's Death Pushed Her To Do '90210' Reboot

This past Wednesday, a majority of the original cast from the hit 90's drama series Beverly Hills, 90210 starred in a reboot of the show, nearly three decades since it's original premiere date.

The show, which is widley regarded as one of the definitive shows of the 90's, went off air in 2000.


It's safe to say a lot has changed for the cast since then.

Most tragically, the loss of their co-star and friend, Luke Perry.

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Perry died earlier this year after suffering from a massive stroke.

Shannen Dohtery spoke about the loss of Perry and the impact his memory will have on the reboot during a panel at the Television Critics Association press tour in Beverly Hills.

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Originally, Dohtery wasn't on board for the reboot.

“For me, as these guys know, I definitely wasn’t going to do it," she told the audience.


“Nothing against the show, I knew it would get sold and do well without me. They didn’t need me. At that moment it wasn’t what I wanted to be doing.”

Her feelings quickly changed, however, after news broke of Perry's death.


“When Luke passed away, things drastically changed for me and I felt like it was a great opportunity to honor him,” she explained.

“And I’m really glad I made that decision because now I get to sit up here with a lot of people that I respect and love.”


“We went on this amazing journey together where we also got to really, sort of, heal through losing somebody who means the world to all of us,” she concluded.


BH90210 airs Wednesday nights on FOX.