Jennifer Aniston Wrote An Emotional Essay About Starring In 'Friends'

Prepare to feel old: This September marks 25 years since Friends first premiered.

While we miss it more than ever, turns out, so does the cast. This includes Jennifer Aniston who played the iconic Rachel Green.

She recently dished everything Friends with InStyle and trust us, it will make you emotional.

Jennifer Aniston recently opened up during an interview to "InStyle", where she dished on everything nostalgia.

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This includes her iconic time on Friends, how she misses the '90s, and so much more.

She began by talking about how "wide-eyed" the cast of "Friends" was when the show first began in 1994.


"We couldn’t believe what was happening, and we had no idea what was coming."

She referenced a photo Courteney Cox recently shared on her Instagram of them on a private jet before the show even began.

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"I just remember not understanding that this was my life. The level of gratitude, my god."

Being on "Friends" helped her find her confidence.


"There was comfort in numbers there, so we all held each other up."

Just like the rest of us, she misses "Friends", too. *sniffs*

"I miss a lot about that time. Having a job that was absolute, pure joy," she wrote.

"I miss getting to be with people I love massively and respect beyond words. So, yes, these days I’m super nostalgic."

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Thankfully, she's still close to some of her co-stars today, especially Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow.

Speaking of the '90s, she misses that decade, too, calling it "simpler times."

"This is going to sound odd, but there was a sense of safety in the world. We weren’t exposed to as much as we are now."

She also ~finally~ acknowledged that she's total #HairGoals.


This comes as a surprise since she once admitted that she hated her haircut, dubbed "The Rachel."

"I remember my hair was short and styled to look wet that day," she said, referring to her 1996 "InStyle" cover.


"I’m proud of that hair legacy. I had goals, girl!"

And while she's comfortable with being #hairgoals, she revealed she still doesn't consider herself a sex symbol.

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"It feels ironic to be anointed as 'sexy.' I always thought Lauren Hutton was sexy. Bombshell wasn’t really my thing."

"I thought natural, cute, and funny was sexy, you know?"

"At the time I think we were broadening our ideas of what sexy actually meant, so to be put in that category, I was like, 'Oh, this is nice.'"

"But, no, I didn’t have a 'sexy' banner around my waist or start going to 'sexy' school or anything like that."

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Jennifer's words of wisdom?

"Some days you’re hot, and some days you’re not."

Another interesting fact that she shared was that it took her some time to get comfortable in front of the camera.

So hard to believe since she's a natural, but it's true.

"That first shoot was at my house, so that helped."

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"I remember posing and thinking, 'God, I’ve got to learn how to do this.'"

Jennifer reflected on the phase of her life she's in now and how much she's enjoying life.

"It’s funny because when you’re in your 20s, you’re on the road to this unnamed destination that you think you’re going to, but I don’t know if you ever actually reach it."

"Time just continues on like a speeding bullet. When you get older, though, there’s a little bit more of enjoying the here and now."

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"I’d like to slow everything down. Smelling the roses is an understatement— I want to watch them grow. And, yes, I actually have roses and went outside to smell them this morning."

This part wasn't mentioned in the article, but Aniston is reportedly dating again!

And even "occasionally" talks to Brad Pitt, according to an ET source.

According to the "Daily Mail", he even showed up at her star-studded 50th birthday!

Ooo lala!

They also added that it was Lisa Kudrow and Courteney Cox who encouraged her to get out there and start dating again.

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Don't count on a Pitt-Aniston romantic reunion, though, as they are reportedly just friends.

But for now, Jennifer is embracing being single and being at peace with her life.

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"I’m at a place now where I actually feel like I’ve grown up and entered into who I am creatively," she said.

"These days I’m most ambitious for peace. And I’m ambitious for creative fulfillment."

"I want to continue to create what I know I’m capable of creating. "

"It’s taken me this long to know what I’m capable of. I didn’t always know."

In Style

We always believed in you, girl!

"I think I used to put a lot of that in the hands of other people. Now I’m taking ownership of it. And you know what? It feels really good."

You can check out the rest of the essay here.