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A Couple's Dog Crashed Their Engagement Shoot And It's What We Needed To See Today

Engagement photos are a major part of wedding prep. These photos are often used for save the date cards, or for simply nice photos and memories for the couple to have and reminisce about.

One couple is sure going to have some amazing memories to laugh about after their dog tore through their engagement photos and caused quite a hilarious scene.

Nicolas Carrelo is the photographer based out of Brazil who captured one of the best engagement shoots in history.

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The couple had quite the surprise when their dog pretty much took over the engagement photoshoot, completely stealing the show.

The shoot may have been for their special day, but their dog is for sure having an even more special day.

Facebook | Nícolas Carrelo Fotografia

According to Bored Panda, the couple, Alfredo and Joyce, were told they can't bring Thor, their dog, to the wedding due to a conflict with other animals already on the property where they're getting married.

So, they asked to bring their dog to their engagement photoshoot.

Facebook | Nícolas Carrelo Fotografia

The photos are seriously beyond hilarious and are guaranteed to boost any mood.

Carrelo's post has racked up over 54K likes and reactions, 63K comments, and has been shared over 110K times.

Facebook | Nícolas Carrelo Fotografia

Of course the people love this shoot! How, in your right mind, could you not?!

Make sure you check out Nicolas Carrelo's viral Facebook post for even more pictures from the shoot!