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Cruise Crew Waves Huge Fake Hand Goodbye After Couple Arrives Late

I remember being in a class in college with a guy who, on the first day, told the prof that he was going to be late every time. He didn't know how, he didn't know why, but somehow, was just always late for everything. So, naturally, I ended up having to do a group presentation with him, and yes, he was late. Of course.

Punctuality is one of those life skills that costs nothing and always pays off, but not everybody is able to figure it out. One couple might have received some good motivation to practice their punctuality, however.

Cruise ships have schedules to keep, and hundreds, if not thousands, of passengers to get from port to port.

Twitter | @RoyalCaribbean

They're not going to just wait around for every passenger who wants to spend a few extra minutes in a port of call.

They have places to go and only so much time to get there. And as one video posted to Twitter shows, they take their schedules seriously.

As the video shows, Freedom of the Seas, a Royal Caribbean ship, was still at the dock in St. Maarten when the couple arrived, escorted by a dock worker.

Twitter | @VanDammeBushell

However, the gangplank had been retracted, the ropes had been cast off, and the ship was pulling away.

There was little they could do other than throw their hands up in frustration and consider new options to meet the ship at the next port.

But as the video pans up, it captures what appears to be a pretty savage scene: a crew member waving a giant fake hand that says "BYE" on it.

TWitter | @VanDammeBushell

Can you imagine missing your boat and standing helplessly on the pier, watching a crew member waving a huge novelty hand as the ship powers out of port?

Makes you wonder if they keep that hand around for just such an occasion, doesn't it?

However, it's not entirely clear if the crew member was waving at the couple on the dock.

Twitter | @VanDammeBushell

As Fox News reported, there was another ship docked there, quite possibly another Royal Caribbean ship, as the tweet containing the video used a hashtag for Anthem of the Seas as well as Freedom of the Seas.

So it's possible that crew member was actually waving at the other ship and not at the tardy couple.

Twitter | @VanDammeBushell

Although it's hard to say for sure from the video, the crew member certainly doesn't appear to be waving in the couple's direction. But, either way, timing was not on their side that day.

Clearly, folks felt for the pair left behind.

Twitter | @VanDammeBushell

Toward the end of the video, you can hear people whistling and shouting, "They missed it!" as they realize the couple should have been on board.

But, with the dock worker tagging along, the couple seems to accept their fate and walks off.

Here's hoping they managed to catch up with the ship at their next destination!

Check out the video for yourself below!

h/t Fox News