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Macaulay Culkin Shows What A 'Home Alone' Reboot 'Would Actually Look Like'

You could say that reactions were... mixed when Disney announced their plans to reboot Home Alone for its new streaming service, Disney+. Some people were pumped for the chance to be able to see their favorite Christmas brought to new life, and other people thought maybe we should leave well enough alone.

Disney's Bob Iger didn't give too much away about the reboot's cast, release date, or plot.

What he did say, however, is that it would be a "reimagined version for a new generation."

People have had different ideas about what that might mean.

Is Kevin going to have a cell phone? Will, like the commercial that came out last Christmas, Kevin use a Google Assistant to help him carry out his defense strategies?

One person thinks they know what an updated 'Home Alone' will look like, and that's Kevin McCallister himself.

Macaulay Culkin tweeted out this hilarious picture showing what he thinks Kevin would look like in an updated Home Alone, and it's honestly not that different from what I look like right now writing this.

Macaulay offered his services to Disney, in case they decided to act on his fantastic suggestion.

People are definitely on board. One twitter user said, "Hey @Disney, if Macaulay’s not in the reboot, don’t bother making it!"