Six-Year-Old Wears Amazing Shirt On First Day Of School To Combat Bullying

Every parent looks forward to the start of the school year to get their kids out of their hair after a long summer. While the start of the school year brings some peace of mind for parents, for kids it can be a lot to handle.

Some kids look forward to being back with their friends every day.

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While summer vacation is a blast, for kids, being in school is a social experience as much as it is an academic one.

Sometimes, however, there can be problems in school that many parents don't know about.

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While parents try, they cannot always stay on top of their kids. During school hours, it's hard to know everything that goes on.

Bullying has been a huge issue in schools for years.

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Kids often go through rough patches with friends, or even go through times where they are picked on or left out.

Many times, it goes on for extended periods of time.

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No matter how much kids are hurting, not all of them will open up to their parents about bullies in school.

Now, schools are implementing programs and seminars

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Staff and faculty in many schools are trying to be proactive to prevent bullying before it even occurs.

Some students themselves are also advocating for bullying prevention, too.

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Students have begun speaking up and speaking out against bullying, too, hoping to bring it to an end.

Six-year-old Blake decided that his "back to school" shirt was going to be one that would make a statement.

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His mother, Nikki Rajahn, posted a photo of his shirt on her Facebook page saying: "I have to brag on my son. I told him that as a back to school gift, I will make him any shirt he would like. It could have anything- a basketball theme, football, etc. which are all his favorites. He thought a while and said, "will you please make me a shirt that says 'I will be your friend" for all the kids who need a friend to know that I am here for them?" Never underestimate your kid's heart for others! I love my sweet Blake!"

On top of the shirt making a statement at Blake's school, his mother is selling them online for all kids to order.

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The website sells the shirt in several different styles and designs, all that say #blakesfriends.

The site shares Blake's very important message behind his motive.

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The site quotes Blake, saying: "I want to make sure that kids that are bullied know they have a friend already."

Additionally, proceeds go towards a very important charity.

Blake decided: "A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Real Life Center. RLC helps individuals and families in the Fayette County, Georgia area navigate through the unanticipated challenges of life by providing financial assistance and counseling services, as well as clothing, food and furniture donations to people in need."

What a wonderful way to combat a systemic problem, and give back to the community.

This school year, lets teach our kids to be like Blake!

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