Kohl's Announces New Clothing Line Tailored Towards Kids With Special Needs

Many stores and companies market clothing and products for people, believing that all customers are the same. However, not everyone in the world is built the same and therefore, sometimes, companies need to alter their products in order to better suit individual needs.

Many children's clothing companies design products that fit "the majority."

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However, there are many times in which parents need to modify clothing and products to fit their child's needs when they have a disability or a special need.

Now, Kohl's is launching a new product line especially tailored towards children with special needs.

The product line, called "Adaptive," is setting out to help parents and children who have special needs and disorders that require a bit of alteration in their clothing and accessories.

The company designed these clothes with a variety of needs in mind.

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Not only do the products feature some special access points—like jumpsuits with abdominal access—but there are also products designed for children who are in wheelchairs and have sensory deprivation issues.

Some of the features include wider necks, flat seams, and two-way zippers.

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Some products are made longer, while others are made shorter. All of the products have specific makes and models to fit specific needs and struggles.

The adaptive line is offered in an assortment of sizes, such as boys 3 months-20, girls 3 months-16, juniors, and young men.

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Therefore, there is truly something for everyone.

Other brands are getting on board.

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As well, there are big brands such as Jumping Beans, SO, and Urban Pipeline in Kohl's stores that are supporting the changes by providing these kinds of items.

Best of all, these items will be affordable.

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While some specially tailored products can cost more or be a bit expensive for parents, Kohl's is ensuring that the prices stay the same as their other children's products on the shelves.

Some T-shirts run $6.99-$12.99, while some of the hoodies run $20-$28.

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Clearly, it's a big win for parents of children with disabilities and special needs knowing they have an ally in a big company like Kohl's.

Many people have spoken out in support of the launch.

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People online were sharing posts reporting the good news, saying how wonderful it was for Kohl's to keep all children, of all needs, in mind.

Clothing catered to children with special needs makes them feel comfortable, confident, and seen.

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It allows them to feel as though people support and understand them no matter what makes them a little different.

Find these items in a store near you.

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While the adaptive line is not available in every store just yet, parents can order any of the products online on Kohl's website here. We definitely support this!