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This Baby Backpack With A Head Protector Is Both Adorable And Brilliant

Parents of newborns and infants are always nervous. When babies are young, they have a lot of sensitivities. Specifically, their bodies are fragile and easy to bruise and harm. We always hear doctors talking about how "soft" babies' heads are, and how careful we need to be.

When our babies begin walking and crawling, making sure they don't fall and hit their heads are a top priority for all parents.

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But, we cannot always be on top of them, watching their every move.

Although some parents try to put cushions and mats down on the floor to prevent injury, there are moments of accidents that we cannot prevent.

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Unless, of course, we protect their soft little head entirely.

Now, Oddity Mall is selling adorable backpacks that second as a cushion protector for your baby's head.


The backpack, which comes in a bunch of shapes and animal styles, only costs $10.99 per bag— which is a steal if it comes to protecting your baby.

We know babies love to explore and there's a good reason for that.

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As it turns out, research has shown that once a baby understands they can get places much faster when walking, the fear of falling completely disappears from their minds.

Therefore, it's more likely that toddlers who are beginning to walk will fall and possibly hit their heads.

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These adorable backpacks saves their noggins from those big blows.

These backpacks have another handy use.

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Not only do they protect babies' heads on falls, but, they also prevent flat head syndrome when babies lay down flat on their backs by providing a support for their head.

Additionally, the material is made from 100% cotton which means it's soft and breathable.

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Plus, it's easy to wash just in case something is spilled.

Also, there are adjustable shoulder straps that will fit babies 4-24 months old.

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No matter how old your baby gets, protecting their head is vital to their health and well being.

Not to mention, there are several cute styles and animal shapes that you can order the backpack in—one for every occasion.

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And, they make a great baby gift for a friend who's expecting.

So, who's ready to buy one?

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For worried parents who have babies beginning to crawl and walk, what better way to keep your worries at ease than by providing a cute toy and safe protection?