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10+ Creepy Things Kids Have Actually Said That'll Keep You Up At Night

We've all heard the stories that "kids say the darndest things." But, sometimes, the darndest things are actually really creepy, scary, weird things that make us question if we have birthed the spawn of the devil.

Recently, one Twitter user asked people to share the "creepiest things" kids have actually said out loud and trust me when I say, don't read these alone.

Lost In Translation?

Twitter | @AlisonsBookMrks

One mother said that her three-year-old son was singing an old Polish nursery rhyme that her husband's grandmother sang in his childhood — but her son doesn't know Polish, nor has he ever met his great-grandmother.

This startling revelation.

Twitter | @freefringes

Another mother said her daughter was in a coma after suffering from a severe brain injury. Years later, when it was raining, she claimed that the rain, "Smelled like God."

This nightmare

Twitter | @Ardeospina

A mom and her son were walking in a cemetery by their home when he claimed to see a man in a red jacket, although no one was there. Additionally, her two-year-old waved and said he was, "coming over to talk."

Wait, what?

Twitter | @daahlingnikki

A five-year-old told her mom that she's the "best mommy she ever had," stating that she had two other moms before her. What does that even mean!?

The man upstairs

Twitter | @MrsBrks13

One son said that his daddy was upstairs, even though his mom insisted that he was at work. But, he said that there was a man was upstairs earlier (and clearly, it wasn't daddy). So, she said her son may see dead people.

This unexpected response.

Twitter | @Izianikapani

This eight-year-old was lost in her own thoughts when her mom asked her what she was thinking about. Her answer? Clearly, insane. She was imagining how to rearrange the furniture when her parents die.

Just talking to a ghost I guess.

Twitter | @snarkbat

One child said while he was being babysat that he, "saw his babysitter's dad," who he deemed to be very funny. Apparently, he asked her why she didn't laugh. Turns out, her father had been dead for 15 years.

The child who predicted his mom's miscarriage.

Twitter | @ChelleBelle0524

One mom said her son knew every detail of her pregnancy before it happened. He knew when she was pregnant, when she would miscarry, and even the gender of his baby sister.

And another kid who could sense a pregnancy.

Twitter | @KitaMargarita

Another teacher said she was watching a Pre-K class when a student walked up to her and said she had a baby in her belly. She was newly pregnant and had not told her job yet, this kid clearly had a special sense.


Twitter | @BarbieDia

One woman said as a child, she woke up to a tall man rubbing her leg who fit the description of her dead brother. She even had moments where her toys would light up by themselves. Woah.

How did he know?

Twitter | @AverageRunnerK

One three-year-old knew that his grandmother's cancer was totally gone and healed before the doctor even called their mother. How sweet and wild.

Reading with Grandma...

Twitter | @MichelleBYoung

This mom's two-year-old found her daughter reading a book under a table, and said she was "reading with grandma." Her grandma had died two years before she was born and the book belonged to her dead grandmother.

This sent a chill down my spine.

Twitter | @writerjudithutz

A four-year-old was waiting in the hallway, not for her mother to come, but for the ghosts she clearly saw down the hall. Spooky, for sure.

It's official, toddlers are nightmare-fuel.

Twitter | @jenniferbritton

One mom woke up to her 3-year-old son standing creepily by her sleeping and whispered that he "used to have a train-set when he was a grandpa." Reincarnation much?

Kids say the creepiest things.

Twitter | @MXTracy66

While hiking, this woman's seven-year-old son blurted out of nowhere that the, "woods demand a sacrifice." Clearly, this is creepy, especially that a seven-year-old knows what a sacrifice even is.

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