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Dog Who Lived Under Bed For Two Years Is Rescued And Given Life-Changing Makeover

There's nothing more wholesome on this earth than a dog's journey from tragedy to a loving family.

It's difficult to believe that anyone would want to hurt an innocent animal, but each and every day pets are surrendered to shelters in deplorable conditions. Rehabilitation is something every veterinarian hopes for, but it isn't always possible in every situation.

Seven-year-pld Lionheart was surrendered to the Richmond SPCA by his owner in April.

Richmond SPCA

When he arrived, staff referred to his condition as "one of the most shocking cases of neglect" they had ever seen. His body language told a story of pain and extreme neglect.

He had been living under his owner's bed for two years.

Richmond SPCA

Lionheart was unable to eat, drink, or walk properly. He also had thick mats, feces, and urine in his fur.

The dedicated team at the SPCA began to trim his nails and shave his fur.

Richmond SPCA

However, they were unsure at that point if Lionheart could be rehabilitated at all. The staff knew very little about his temperament and overall health.

"In order to uncover the dog hidden beneath all this fur, he had to be sedated to be shaved."

Richmond SPCA

It took several hours for the staff to shave off all of Lionheart's fur.

Slowly but surly, the real Lionheart began to emerge.

Richmond SPCA

"Relieved from the weight and discomfort of his matted fur," a representative from the Richmond SPCA stated, "Lionheart began to show his adorable personality."

In the end, it was worth it.

Richmond SPCA

Shortly after his makeover, Lionheart already seemed as though a literal and figurative weight had been lifted from his tiny shoulders.

Just look at him now!

Richmond SPCA

In addition to a physical transformation, Lionheart is much less afraid wen interacting with people and other animals.

"We are happy to announce that Lionheart is now in a loving, lasting home."

Richmond SPCA

"We wish him and his guardian many years of happiness," the SPCA stated in a blog post wishing Lionheart all the best.

I think I speak for all of us when I say that I am so incredibly proud of this pup, and excited to see how the rest of his life unfolds.

h/t: Richmond SPCA