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Talented Twitter Detectives Help Woman Discover Truth About Cheating Boyfriend

Ladies, gentlemen, folks and folkettes, now is the time to buckle your seat belts, because you aren't even remotely prepared for this wild ride. To your right and left are the emergency exits that you'll be using when you are far too shook to continue.

If there's one universal truth on this earth that we can all agree on, it's the fact that women in numbers are unstoppable. Screwing up and lying about it is one thing, but screwing up and thinking that every single woman of Twitter won't charge forth from the shadows to protect their fellow sister is pure idiocy.

Our story begins with a single incriminating tweet.

Twitter | @rhiannatxylor

Twitter user @Rhiannatxylor posted a photo with a man whose face was covered by an emoji.

But did that emoji stop the Twitterverse from immediately identifying who he was? Absolutely not. If you've seen that chest up close, you know that chest anywhere.

Saint Mother Keny recognized her boyfriend pretty much right away, and wasn't too pleased.

Twitter | @KenyDaNinja

When she questioned her boyfriend about the photo, he said that it was old—meaning it was taken before the two of them were dating.

She wasn't convinced.

Twitter | @KenyDaNinja

"He claims this an old pic," she wrote. "I just want receipts."

You know that old saying "you get what you wish for?" If you ask the women of Twitter to deliver you receipts, oh boy will they deliver.

This girl should get her own CSI show.

Twitter | @KneeshaBelle

The Twitter user was able to identify when the photo was taken using a magazine cover in the background.

The original girl decided to spill all the tea she had.

Twitter | @rhiannataylor

She revealed that she had only broken up with him three weeks before, and that he said he was "kicking it with someone" just last night, not that he was in a committed relationship.

Mother Keny wasn't out for any blood—other than her boyfriend's of course.

Twitter | @KenyDaNinja

From the original girl's response, it really seems like she had no idea that she was the mistress in this situation.

And MY GOD did the situation get even crazier.

Twitter | @KenyDaNinja

Keny was not only with her boyfriend at that very moment, but at the airport with him about to leave for a vacation.

OG girl then produced ACTUAL. RECEIPTS.

Twitter | @rhiannataylor

He was literally sending her money to get her nails done on July 9th. There's no way to talk your way out of something like that.

Keny even took a picture of her man to confirm.

Twitter | @KenyDaNinja

By that point, it was all over.

The Twitter spectators were having a field day.

Twitter | @_AllEyezOnZee

There was no one coming to this boy's rescue that's for damn sure.

And the snooping didn't end there.

Twitter | @PettyParisian

"That's an Aloft hotel," one user wrote. "Check his accounts."

A boy stepped out from the shadows and was honestly blown away by the effort put into this manhunt.

Twitter | @KushOganja

"How many episodes of Law & Order do you have to watch to be able to date a picture from a magazine cover?" he wrote.

As a girl myself, I'm really not that surprised.

Others were still suspicious of the original girl.

Twitter | @_ItssMishon

Why did she cover his face if she knew that he wasn't already with someone else?

Though it's unclear how their story ended, girl power still triumphed on this day.

Twitter | @somalijawn

Women on a mission really cannot be stopped, especially if that mission involves exposing a cheater.

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