The Original Animator Of 'The Lion King' Is Pretty Unhappy With The Remake

Once again we find ourselves talking about the Lion King remake.

It's almost like this ultra-popular animated movie turned ultra-popular remake is somehow... what's the word again... it's on the tip of my tongue... ultra-popular?

We're here today to talk about the remake of Disney's 'The Lion King'.


Not that anything I have to say about it matters, or frankly what any of us have to say.

It already made the money.


It's already made over a billion dollars worldwide, so it's not like anyone saying anything negative or positive about the film is going to change anything.

It's Disney's fourth movie this year to make over a billion dollars in the global box office


Which is insane if you think about it.

They made 4 billion dollars on 4 movies alone.

There's no way to stop the roll this movie has been on.


So at this point, we're just going to take people's opinions, let you know about them and move on.

Here we go...


So amongst the millions of other voices who have chimed in about this remake (whether they be good, bad or ugly), we have some pretty important ones that have given their opinions.

The original animators...


Have given their opinions on this movie, and they range from good to bad, to be honest.

It's actually perfect structurally, it's almost as if the three of them planned it.

To start...


Of the thirteen artists the Huffington Post talked to about this movie, only three were willing to speak on it, which is either a good thing or a very bad thing.

Do with it what you will.

The first...


Named David Stephan, is a pretty prolific animator, or at least he was.

He worked on Aladdin, Beauty And The Beast, and many other projects we associate with the Disney renaissance.

He thinks that the movie is a bit of a stab in the back for animators.


Honestly, the most he has to say about the project is: "'Why? Did you really have to do that?'"

He also says...


That in the grand scheme of things now, he feels like the shareholder, has more to say about which movies are made rather than the artist or the creator.

The Second is Alexander Williams, who was in charge of animating Scar in the original movie.


He has also done a lot of prolific work since, such as _Looney Tunes: Back in Action _.

He was a little more generous, but still pretty lukewarm on the project.


At the end of the day, all he had to say was:

"As far as I'm concerned, it's kind of none of my business whether they want to remake it or not,"

The third was David Bossert, who is described as an "Effects Animator" for the original 'Lion King'.


So he was the one the animation team was thanking in the famous "Sex" message in the sky.

He was a very positive voice on the film, and even compared it to Walt Disney himself.


He said:

"Overall, I thought the film stands on its own," he said. "It not only showcases a great story again, but it's an homage to the original film."

What do you think?


Was this remake unnecessary? Are you lukewarm to it?

Or was it the best movie all year, and have you already contributed about $23 to Disney's billions by seeing it twice?