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7+ Clothing Tags That Offer Hilarious Pieces Of Unexpected Advice

For many people, doing laundry isn't the most fun household chore in the world. I'm not really sure why, but for me personally, it's the washing instructions that get me. Half of my clothes say wash in warm water, another quarter say hand wash, and the last quarter say wash in cold water on delicate. What am I supposed to do, do 10 loads of laundry?

Well, some modern tags are giving some added instructions for washing your clothes, and it may actually make doing laundry not so bad after all.

Okay — this one's a hefty one, but if you take the time to read it, it just might make your day.

Reddit | LadyEmry

A Reddit user bought a shirt in Japan, and this is what the washing instructions say.

"Please wear these clothes [o]n a date with a favorite person or the place of fashion and go to it."

I love it.

These washing instructions are a little odd.

Reddit | Zgbla

Usually washing instructions tell you specifically TO wash your clothes, not instruct you to not wash them.

But, this instruction definitely makes your life a bit easier if you choose to follow it!

This label is totally speaking the truth.

Reddit | Giggledust

Did I ever think a clothing tag would provide me with life wisdom? It's like a permanent fortune cookie!

I can't imagine that anyone would actually wash their clothes this way, but you really never know.

Instagram | @doctorgrangran

We can't rule out any wild situation out of this.

I love their spin on this timeless quote.

Instagram | @thenoots

Plot twist: the doctor is kept away because a scary apple monster is chasing them.

I would have never thought of it that way had it not been for stumbling across this tag!

I would truly hope no one would do such a terrible thing!

Reddit | Kaaaahl

These instructions are so unsuspecting and shocking!

This instruction is helping keep people tame.

Reddit | Estridde

This company is just looking out for the well-being of the public. I can get with that.

You sure can!

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We should all be encouraged to randomly dance more often to be honest!