Have A Scary Spooky Halloween With This Ceramic Haunted Halloween Tree

For some, Halloween is a special holiday. No, it is not officially recognized as a holiday, but it doesn't mean people don't go absolutely all out for their celebrations.

People really treat Halloween like its own respected holiday, so of course this means that you have to decorate. And what better way to commemorate the holiday than to display a spooky ceramic Halloween tree that mimics those timeless vintage ceramic Christmas trees.

Remember those vintage ceramic Christmas trees? They're super timeless!


For all you Halloween lovers out there, you can start your own timeless ceramic tree decor tradition with this Haunted Halloween Tree from Michaels for only $60.

Now, it's probably not really haunted (no guarantees), but it sure has the perfect amount of spook-factor!


It's adorned with purple and orange bulbs and a jack-o'-lantern in replacement of the traditional star or angel.

It's currently out of stock online, but definitely use the store finder tool to check out if it's still available in your neck of the woods!

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