10+ Secondary Characters That Are Way More Interesting Than Main Characters

With all the reboots and spin-offs of old movies and TV shows today, fans can only hope for their fan-favorite to be central. For many, their favorites might actually be secondary.

Secondary characters may not get the same screen-time or salary as the lead, but they do get plenty of fans.

These characters outshone the main characters just by existing. How many do you love?

Edna Mode


The sassy superhero costume designer clearly hates capes. But has anyone wondered why her grudge runs so deep?

Her caped designs accidentally caused many super-deaths. It's such a good backstory and is one of the reasons why we love her.

Hank Scorpio


On The Simpsons, he's the world's best boss but he's also a supervillain.

Personally? I just want 30 seasons of him balancing being a great boss and being a terrible supervillain.



He barely got a few seconds in Suicide Squad but he made them interesting.

A great movie could be made explaining how he got on the same level of danger as 'El Diablo' by tying knots.

Mrs. Hudson


She's only a side character on Sherlock but there should be a whole series about the former exotic dancer getting tangled up in a Miami drug cartel.

It could be the next Breaking Bad.

Ho Yinsen

Marvel Studios

His role in Iron Man was fairly one dimensional. But given more screentime, he could've been more interesting.

We could figure out he survived this long after being captured by The Ten Rings.

Woodrow 'Woody' Strode


Woody was one of the weirdest characters on Psych. The hippie coroner loves revealing strange things about his life without elaborating.

So naturally, we have questions. Like why and how is he wanted in The Philippines??

Maze Kanata


She's a smuggler who owns a bar on a rare 'neutral planet' in The Force Awakens.

A mix of Alliance and Rebel patrons must make for an interesting workday.

Captain Phasma


She got her five minutes of fame during The Force Awakens but left fans wanting more.

There could be a whole trilogy about what she did to earn a little individual expression with her suit.


Paramount Pictures

Star Trek: The Next Generation fans know little of Guinan's 600-year history.

But surely bar tending can't be the highlight. Even if it is on the Enterprise.

Gogo Yubari


Not much is known about her character in Kill Bill: Volume One.

Especially not how a 17-year-old becomes a bodyguard for 'The Queen of Tokyo's Underworld'. I wonder what the interview process is like.

The Howling Commandos

Marvel Studios

Captain America: The First Avenger didn't have time to dwell much on the diverse unit.

But luckily there's a whole world of Howling Commando's comics to satisfy hungry fans.

Lucius Best aka Frozone


He may have stolen the spotlight (but no diamonds) during The Incredibles but there's so much we don't know.

Like who his wife is!! And where she put his super-suit!!!

The Marauders

Warner Bros.

All Harry Potter fans want to know more about the most iconic generation of Hogwarts.

A Marauder's style movie would certainly draw a crowd.

Literally any other character from the 'Twilight' saga.

Summit Entertainment

Like Jasper! His psychic empathy powers force him to feel his victim's pain when he feeds.

An origin story movie set during The Confederate War would be way more interesting than a weird high school romance.

Just a change of perspective would still be a better love story than 'Twilight'.

Summit Entertainment

Imagine living in Forks, Washington when the Cullens arrive. The gossip alone would be Legendary™.

Like we'd all assume cult activity right? Don't lie. Now that saga would be a hoot to watch.