People Are Pushing For Walmart To Stop Selling Guns After El Paso Shooting

In the wake of yet another mass shooting on U.S. soil, the calls for change are growing louder. A deadly attack in El Paso, Texas killed 20 people and injured 26 more — and critics are calling on the country's top gun retailer to lead by example.

It's being investigated as a possible hate crime.

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A single gunman was arrested at the scene, after gunning down scores of people. It's also being investigated as an act of domestic terrorism. It's believed the gunman is a follower of the alt-right.

This shooting was somewhat unique.


While there are far too many mass shootings every year, this one took place at this Walmart store in El Paso. What makes things interesting is that Walmart is America's top gun retailer.

It was the second shooting at a Walmart in less than a week.


An earlier shooting at a Walmart in Mississippi killed two people. It's an odd coincidence, and it's led many people to draw a connection between violence at Walmart and the guns sold at Walmart.

Walmart did respond to the tragedy.

Twitter | @Walmart

Following the El Paso attack, Walmart's Twitter account issued a fairly standard boilerplate "thoughts and prayers" response. But for those sick of gun violence in the United States, the sentiment rang hollow.

It might be tough to ignore.

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After two violent incidents at U.S. Walmart stores in less than a week, it's tough to avoid the uncomfortable fact that these very stores are one of the top places to acquire guns.

The calls for change are growing louder.

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Selling guns and ammunition is in Walmart's DNA. Founder Sam Walton was known to be a hunter, and the retailer has enthusiastically sold guns and ammo for decades.

That's bad messaging.

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One Twitter user posted this image of guns for sale at an unidentified Walmart, directly underneath a sign urging the reader to "Own the school year". It's a bad look.

Walmart's stance has changed over the years.

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In the early 2000s, Walmart de-emphasized guns and stopped selling them at many of their stores. But following the 2009 recession, guns — a proven moneymaker — once again returned to Walmart.

Walmart hasn't responded to these tweets.

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It's understandable, given Walmart's difficult position in this situation. They're trying to balance profits and customer satisfaction, and guns have long been a mainstay of their store shelves. But soon, these tweets will be difficult for Walmart to ignore.

Let us know what you think.


There's little doubt that it would send a huge message if Walmart stopped selling guns entirely. What do you think? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments.