10+ Images Of Green Screens That Will Take Away The Magic Of Movies

I'm sorry to do it to you folks, but I'm going to have to ruin your immersion for some of these films.

I know, I know, I'm the absolute worst.

'Avengers: Infinity War'


In this scene, we see that in real life, Benedict Cumberbatch can't actually fly and was held up by strings.

Makes you wonder why they didn't get someone who could.



Woah, woah, woah. So there's no actual planet named Pandora filled with mystical and tall, blue creatures called the Na'Vi?

Wow, how can I trust anyone ever again? Thanks a lot, James Cameron.

'Alice In Wonderland'


So wait, there's no world parallel to ours that we can visit, and things will be all wacky and wonderful?

Alice never actually went to Wonderland, and it all was a lie?

'Captain America'


Psh, alright, so I guess Cap wasn't flying on a helicopter towards a speeding train in the middle of a snowstorm.

So what, I guess he didn't jump onto it either?

'Deadly Honeymoon'


For this scene in Deadly Honeymoon, not only did they have to CG in the top of the ship, but they had to CG the water, too!

'Game Of Thrones'


So, what, is Winterfell not a real place? Are dragons even real?

They didn't actually travel to Westeros and also potentially back in time? Yeesh, I need a drink and quick.

'Grey's Anatomy'


Oh my goodness, now even Grey's Anatomy is lying to me!

So that wasn't the Seattle skyline they were sitting in front of? Do they even shoot in Seattle or is that a lie too?



Oh what, so you're saying that Sandra Bullock hasn't actually been to space? So what about George Clooney?

There's no way he hasn't been to space! That guy is super rich!

'The Avengers'


So you're telling me they don't actually set off explosions next to actors when they want to show it onscreen?

Huh! Next, you'll be telling me that Mark Ruffalo can't actually turn into the Hulk!

'Game Of Thrones' (AGAIN)


Slow your roll here, Sonic The Hedgehog. These people didn't actually climb a 1000 foot ice wall in order to attack Castle Black?

I'm starting to believe the ice wall doesn't actually exist!

'Iron Man 2'


Now I don't know what to believe.

I thought that Robert Downey Jr. was this super genius that built his own weaponized super suit, but now... I just don't know anymore.

'District 9'


Now I know you're pulling my leg.

I distinctly remember there being a group of aliens who lived in South Africa for a while, not a bunch of grey-skinned men.

'Captain America' (AGAIN)


Let's play "spot the difference" here, folks. Have you found it yet? Why don't you take a look at Chris Evans?

The second is what we saw in the movie, and the first picture is the lie!

'Boardwalk Empire'


So not only is there no port on that random street in New York City, but the two gigantic ships that we see aren't there as well!

They couldn't fly a couple in?

'Avengers: Infinity War' (AGAIN)


Did you know that in real life, Peter Dinklage isn't a huge giant of a person?

He's actually much smaller than most people, stature wise. Why couldn't they find a real giant?