10+ Clever Hacks Every Woman Should Keep In Her Back Pocket

Life can get pretty hectic when you're a modern woman. There's so much you need to do on a daily basis that it really takes a superwoman to accomplish it all.

But no worries, I've got you covered here, girlfriend. With these nifty hacks, you'll have no problem taking on daily challenges like a champ.

1. Use A Flat Iron To Iron Clothing

Clementine Bean

You know those difficult to iron spots like around buttons or cuffs? Your flat iron is the perfect tool for that.

2. Laundry Hack

No time to wait for your jeans to dry? This idea is pure genius. I admit, though, it looks a bit creepy, but if it works, it works.

3. The Best Way To Dry Makeup Brushes

Reddit | sareron22

Use an elastic band to hang up your makeup brushes while they dry. Genius!

4. Break-In New Shoes With Thick Socks

Reddit | SN2014dt

Love getting new shoes but hate the time it takes to break them in? Wear them around the house with thick socks on.

5. Update Old Shoes

Unsplash | Volha Flaxeco

Do you have a favorite pair of shoes that needs an upgrade? Just like you would upholster a sofa you can do that with shoes too. Just take them to a trusted shoe repair shop and they'll makeover your shoes!

6. If You Need Extra Counter Space, Try This:

Reddit | MermaidZombie

An ironing board can give you that extra space if you happen to be staying in a hotel with a small bathroom.

7. DIY Notepad

Reddit | IronLady1960

Take notes for days with a roll of register paper. Grab a bungee cord and a binder clip and hang this up to leave notes for your friends and family.

8. Here's How To Make The Ultimate Ice Coffee

Reddit | storydwellers

Freeze cubes of espresso and pop them in your iced coffee for an extra boost of energy!

9. Use This Bra Trick

Reddit | esolomo1

This is really handy when you've got those pesky strapless bras that won't stay up. Just use the adjustable strap to keep in on.

10. Nail Polish Trick


Do you ever have a hard time opening that stubborn nail polish bottle? Oh, I hate that. So just tie a rubber band around it to make a DIY grip.

11. Stop A Run In Your Stocking

Speaking of nail polish, if you get a run in your stocking just dab some clear nail polish on it to stop it.

12. Use A Rubber Band To DIY French Tips


Have you ever wanted to do French manicure yourself? This rubber band trick is such an easy way to easily do it.

13. Pack Shoes In Shower Caps


Here's a neat traveling tip every woman could use. Pack those shoes and heels neatly in dollar store shower caps. How interesting.

14. Goggles To The Rescue

Reddit | escape_photo

Chopping onions can be such a pain, isn't it? But this lady looks like she has the situation well under control. Ha, ha. Awesome.

15. Keep Those Elastics Nearby

Reddit | Jellyfish_in_space_9

Never look for that elastic or hair tie again. Just store them on your brush for when you need them in a hurry.

16. Keep Appliance Cords Tidy

Reddit | hobowhite

I can't tell you how many hair appliances I have lying around and all the cords are getting on my nerves. Not anymore. Yay!

17. Make Sure You Get Enough Water

Style Caster

What a cool way to ensure you're staying hydrated throughout the day. This marker trick is such a great idea. What do ya think?

18. Keep Buttons In Place With Nail Polish


Have you heard that you can put a clear coat of nail polish to keep buttons in place? I just learned this.

19. Store Bobby Pins In Tic Tac Containers


Isn't it annoying when bobby pins are all over the place? Well, who knew that Tic Tac containers are perfect for them.

20. Use A T-Shirt To Dry Your Hair


Apparently, using a towel can give you frizzy hair. What? How did I not know about this? OMG, that's crazy.

21. Keep A Bra In Place By Sewing In A Clasp


I absolutely hate it when my bra straps are showing. But sewing in a clasp will work wonders.

22. Use A Sock To Tuck In Jeans


It can be a pain to try to wear sexy boots with jeans. Just use a long sock to tuck them in.

23. Use Static Sheets To Keep Fly-Aways At Bay


My hair gets to staticky in the winter and I absolutely can't stand it. Rubbing static sheets should help.

24. Add Keys To Your Keyring With Ease


I always run my nails when I try to add keys to my keyring but apparently I can just use a staple remover.

25. Use Hair Conditioner To Shave Legs


If you ever run out of shaving cream, no worries. A good hair conditioner can also double up as shaving cream.

26. Use Dryer Sheets To Remove White Marks From Clothing


Oh wow, I wish I heard of this trick sooner because it would have saved me so much aggravation.

27. Don't Throw Out Your Old Sneakers

Reddit | yeahbean

Before you throw them out, make sure you take out the insoles because you can use them in your otherwise uncomfortable heels for extra cushioning.

28. The Ballerina Hack

Reddit | bellabean

Apparently this is what ballerinas do all the time. Who knew you can instantly transform a dress like this with no sewing skills required? Amazing.

29. Know Which Brush To Use

When it comes to makeup brushes, they aren't one size fits all. This handy guide will help you keep your makeup on point.

30. Never Break A Nail Again

Instagram | @goodlookernails

Use your knuckle instead of your finger when pressing buttons to save your manicure.

I hope these cool little hacks will save you a bit of time next time you're running low on it.

Unsplash | Ben White

We girls have to help each other out, right? Gotcha.