Lindsay Lohan's 10+ Most Baffling Deleted Tweets

Lindsay Lohan has been known to do some pretty bizarre things throughout the years, to say the least.

This includes tweeting out pretty much any thought that pops into her head...

Although she's deleted these 10+ tweets, they will live on the internet forever in "WTF" hall of fame.


When even she couldn't stand her own movie.

Twitter | @lindsaylohan

It might be time for Lindsay to hire a new promotions manager...

Although, this does prove that Lindsay has some good self-awareness since all of her latest movies have flopped.

She hasn't had a box office hit since Mean Girls and that was back in 2004.

And don't even get us started on that Elizabeth Taylor biopic.

The reviews were anything but stellar...

Thankfully, we'll always have "Mean Girls" memes and gifs to get us through.

RIP Lindsay's acting career.

That time she couldn't understand why everyone was panicked about a hurricane.

Twitter | @lindsaylohan

God forbid.

It's good to know that thinking positively is enough to stop hurricanes.

Thanks, Linds!

BTW, it was Hurricane Sandy, not Sally.

When she aired out all of her relationship dirty laundry on Twitter.

Twitter | @lindsaylohan

In case you forgot, Lindsay dated DJ Samantha Ronson for a while back in 2008.

After the relationship ended, Lindsay later called it "toxic."

Twitter | @lindsaylohan

Based on tweets like this, we can see why.

During that time, their relationship took a toll on both of them.

Instagram | @samantharonson

In an interview, the DJ even opened up about how her relationship with Lindsay under the spotlight caused panic attacks.

"I had panic attacks all the time. I lost so much weight had such much anxiety, it just made it whack."

Instagram | @samantharonson

"I would go in and out of clubs – even the paparazzi would laugh – they would see me for years outside the same clubs, smoking cigarettes, talking [expletive], and they’re like ‘I’m so sorry’ … [but] this is what [the media wants].’”

That time she moonlighted as a travel adviser.

Twitter | @lindsaylohan

We'll get right on that!

Speaking of different countries, Lindsay puzzled the world when she began talking with an accent.

When asked why that was, she said she picked it up during all of her travels.

"It’s a mixture of most of the languages I can understand or am trying to learn," she told the "Daily Mail".

To Vanity Fair, she said that these languages include Turkish, Russian, Italian, and Arabic.

It even led to a public spat with none other than Kim Kardashian!

The whole thing started after Lindsay Lohan commented on a picture of Kim wearing cornrows.

It was posted to celeb blogger, Perez Hilton's instagram page.

After seeing it, Lindsay wrote, "so confusing."


Kim ended up replying to her comment with a savage comeback.

"@linsdaylohan you know what’s confusing…..your sudden foreign accent."

While Lindsay stayed silent after that, little sis Khloé had Kim's back.

Lesson learned: don't mess with the Kardashians.

That time she tweeted this instead of calling the police.

Twitter | @lindsaylohan

Pics or it didn't happen.

Believe it or not, the punch *did* happen.

Instagram | @lindsaylohan

It all went down at a club called Voyeur during Lindsay's 24th birthday, no less.

After spotting her ex, rugby player Danny Cipriani, hanging out with Linds, the waitress lost it and punched LiLo.

So, yeah, definitely not the kind of "birthday punch" Lindsay wanted.

Thankfully, the waitress was reportedly fired.

The time she casually tweeted at several huge artists to make music together.

Twitter | @lindsaylohan

Is it bad that we want to hear this collab?

When she gave us this very important piece of information.

Twitter | @lindsaylohan

Thanks for clearing that up, Linds!

That time she begged for more followers.

Twitter | @lindsaylohan

Not a good look, Lindsay!

That time she asked a website to remember her bday.

Twitter | @lindsaylohan

So uncomfortable, rn.

That time she was upset she went to jail when Amanda Bynes didn't.

Twitter | @lindsaylohan

At the time of Lindsay's tweet, the “Easy A” star had been dealing with a ton of driving-related charges, such as a hit and run and a DUI.

Child star drama!

We're going to go ahead and assume that these two won't be friends anytime soon...

That time she thought Twitter was Facebook...

Twitter | @lindsaylohan

Even our parents wouldn't make this mistake!

That time she didn't know who Emma Stone was.

Twitter | @lindsaylohan

The whole thing got weirder since Lindsay posted pics of her and Emma on Instagram.

She also passed along the invitation for Emma to do "Mean Girls 2" with her.


So, um, we guess she did know who Emma Stone was?

She deleted the tweet shortly after, but of course it lives on forever.

In cringe city!

And finally, that time she should have taken her own advice before tweeting this:

Twitter | @lindsaylohan

You're right, Lindsay.

The internet never forgets.